Weekly Reviews For Self Care

One thing that has really helped me at the end of the week, when I'm very burnt out and just need a reset or self care hour, are weekly reviews. 
Because I am a creature of habit, and routines, having something stable to do every week, for even just an hour really helps me to not feel so burnt out by the end of it and "reset" for the next week.

The idea behind a weekly reset came from a Youtuber MuchelleB who focuses on self help, minimalism and just super calming routine videos (perfect if you're like me) 

Doing this weekly for the past 4 months has really helped me stay grounded and focused on my goals, instead of focusing on everything that has gone wrong or could've been avoided - therefore improving my mental health (that's a bit of a shit show at the moment) by focusing on better things. 

I'm in no way pushing how I set my routine onto any of you - I just feel like if anyone is burnt out, it could help. I mean any writing does, but I thought I'd share how my weekly reviews look. 

I like to start out on a brand new page in my notebook - write the date of that week, and always start with the two same things - calendar updates and emails to zero

Calendar updates is basically editing my calendar for my upcoming week with things I need to remember, my work schedule, any orders that need completing and blog posts that need to go out. 
And getting emails to zero - I feel like that's pretty self explanatory.

The next section is all about brain dumping, and any random thought's you've had (and I like to leave a little gap at the bottom of these just in case I have any random thoughts throughout the week that I want to remember) 

Right underneath that, I like to put my to-do's and everything I need to remember for the next week (that might not be calendar worthy!) 

The next section is a weekly reflection - the part that always makes me feel great and a bit crap at the same time, but a good way to track if you've spent your time wisely through the week, and seeing what went well and what didn't.

I start of with the wins, what went well throughout the week, even if it was just a great work week, or if my mental health was stable. If I had socialised, or been ok with my own company. Anything, no matter how small. 

Next is the - what isn't working, and why - again a very broad subject, could be some routines, like sleep, or something to do with health, mental or physical. Be honest with yourself about what isn't working. 

And lastly, what I've been avoiding - I'm the worst for avoiding difficult tasks throughout the week, but writing them down really helps me feel accountable for the tasks that aren't done. 

The next super important part that I find helps me stay on track for the week, is my value check ins, all sections having their own meaning into helping me have a good week. 
- Exercise
- Reading
- Learning
- Podcast
- Self Care
- Consistent Meds
- Mood Throughout Week

I feel like these are self explanatory mostly, I write in the amount of times I've exercised, if I've read part/all of a book, listened to podcasts, learnt something new, had at least a 2 hour period where I did some self care, taken my meds consistently throughout the week (it's shocking how shocking I am at remembering) and then writing a little graph about how my mood has been throughout the week.

The last three sections I have in my weekly review, are my expectations for the week ahead, my affirmations for the next week and finally a self discovery question. 

Expectations for the next week - I set out a plan of how I'd like things to go, the routines I'd like to have etc, but I don't hold it against myself if something doesn't go the way I want it to. 

Affirmations for the week (I'm still very new to affirmations, but I've seen a definitely improvement in the mornings when I've repeated my affirmations to myself when I wake up) from something as simple as "it will all work it's self out in the end" 

Finally, a self discovery question - here is where Pinterest is your best friend, you can literally type in self discovery questions into the search bar and thousands of results will pop up, I'm currently nearly half way through a 52 weeks to self discovery sheet. 

If any of you decide to try out a weekly review (like I said, it might help someone!!!) please let me know how you find it, if it helps, and share because it might help others! 

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