The Coffee Life Zero Waste Exfoliating Soap

A goal I am working towards whilst being 21 is being better at self promotion - and it's come to my attention (not only that I'm absolutely crap at it) that I haven't even done a blog post on the soaps I've been creating and selling - so that's exactly what this blog post is about.

Something that has been in the works for just over 6 months now, are my new little project... Coffee Soaps.

It's taken me ages (and I mean it feels like forever) to perfect these little beauties, to find the right ratio of base to coffee, to find the right moulds, to find the right packaging, and to be perfectly happy with them. 
Although they're definitely not perfect, you can tell that they are made with love, and that is my main goal. I am passionate about them. 

You're probably thinking "but why soaps, you big big weirdo" and well yeah, I don't have the answer for that, it came to me one morning in October 2018, and from then on it's been a project of mine to get them off the ground (ha, excuse the coffee pun) and turn them into an actual product worth selling. 

So introducing

The Coffee Life Zero Waste Exfoliating Soap

So what's so special about the soaps? 

As a barista I know how much coffee waste just gets put into the bin everyday, and it got me thinking, people make coffee scrubs out of used coffee grounds, but is anyone making soap out of it???

On a whim I bought some crappy base and started experimenting, and to a shock, it worked! 
I started experimenting more and more, buying a more sustainable soap base that was organic, cruelty free and vegan - and 8 months later, I've got a product that I LOVE.

So what's in the soap? 

I kept it as minimalist as possible, and it only has 3 main ingredients 

- Organic Soap Base
- Coffee Grounds
- Patchouli Oil

Where can you find the soap?

(this list will be updated when it's stocked other places! 


If you're interested in stocking my soaps - send an email to 
For full wholesale list, including prices and minimum order

currently my soaps are 20% off on Etsy when you use the code "BIRTHDAY"
Code available until the 15th of May

The Coffee Life

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