Anxiety and Self Promotion

It's no secret at all that I am shocking at self promotion, which in turn, makes me a terrible business woman and not to mention blogger.
I even made it a goal this year to get better at self promotion - but almost 6 months in, nothing has changed and I am just as bad.

I find it really difficult to believe in my work, believe that it's good enough to share, and believe that no one will judge me for putting out the work I do.

My anxiety has definitely been higher since I've started my Blog Everyday In May because I'm really having to push myself to promote my blog every way possible, not to get validation but because I am proud of what I am achieving by blogging everyday.

I've spoken to quite a few people, not just in the coffee industry but other bloggers and "influencers" and I am shocked at how many people also feel the same about how anxiety affects the way they can self promote - to the point where some people even feel embarrassed about there work, and trust me when I say I've been there, done that, deleted the posts

So I'm setting a challenge, for myself - but if you find yourself like me, struggling with self promotion, have a crack at this challenge, we can surprise ourselves just by our mindsets. 

1. Have no ZERO days - what I mean by "zero days" is having no days where you haven't done one single thing towards self promotion - this can be a simple tweet, an Instagram post or even a pin for Pinterest 

2. Keep a journal on positive things, positive notes and feedback you've received from people commenting on your work - this could be on a product, on a blog post, or an Instagram

3. Positive affirmations about your business - there are so many boards on Pinterest dedicated to business affirmations, and this could be as simple as "my business is doing well today" 

4. Remember that your mindset is everything - if you believe something you've created is crap, and you don't pour your whole entire heart into it, it'll show. Be positive about what you're creating, pour love, and put your entire heart and soul into it, and truly believe that you are making yourself proud, and you will be 

5. The only thing that is stopping you is fear - don't fight fear, but learn to look past it

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