Untold Coffee Box 9 + A Special Goodbye

This blog post is going to be extra special, not just because it's an Untold Coffee Box post (which automatically makes it super special) but we're actually saying goodbye to the box after 9 whole months (I'm not crying, you are)

Bigger and better things are on the horizon for Untold, and I can't wait to see how the company blossoms even more in 2019.

We have two gorgeous coffees in the box this month, both by Untold.

Chocolate Orange and Jasmine 
San Salvador, El Salvador 
Varietal - Bourbon
Process - Washed
Flavour Notes - Milk Chocolate, Orange, Jasmine

V60 Brew
20g Coffee
300ml Water
3 Minute Total Brew Time (30 Second Bloom)

This coffee had a super citrus-y acidity, full chocolate body and a milk chocolatey finish to it, super delicious! 
More floral-y tones as it cools down. 
And can we just appreciate the art-work for a second? Phoar, incredible 

Jeremy Abadi 
Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
Varietal - Castillo 
Process - Washed 
Flavour Notes - Milk Chocolate, Tangerine 

V60 Brew
20g Coffee
300ml Water
3 Minute Total Brew Time (30 Second Bloom)

Suuuuperrrr chocolatey!!! Super floral and aromatic with slightly sour citrus notes when cooled down. Super delicious (I'll take 7 bags of this one please)
You can pre-order this coffee on the Untold website now (you wont regret it!!) 

What I love about both of these coffees is that although they have very similar taste notes, it's incredible how different they taste, and how complex both of their flavours are compared to each other. 

As much as I am sad to see the Untold Coffee Club Box go, I'm more excited to see what Untold have up their sleeve and what they're planning next. 

Currently on their website they have 4(!!!!!) coffee's that you can pre-order now!!

I'm going to miss typing up my monthly boxes, but I'm sure you'll be seeing Untold very regularly on my blog still! 

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