Girls Who Grind Coffee - Ethiopian Decaf

In yesterdays blog post (if you missed it, read here) I explained how we need to stop the stigma on decaf coffee - and today, I am telling you about one of my favourite decaf coffees I've come across.

It's of course from Girls Who Grind Coffee and I'm sad to say that it's actually no longer available on their website (I'm sorry I didn't do this post sooner!!!) but they do have a delicious decaf Dr Congo, which is equally as delicious! 

Ethiopia Decaf
Haricha Wareda, Godeo Zone
Natural / Kana Yirgacheffe / Heirloom
Decaf Process / Sparkling Water Process

Taste Notes - Intense + Fruity, Lime, Cashew, Rum + Raisin

This coffee also supports the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, a non profit organisation that empowers girls in Ethiopia through running and education - read more about the Foundation here

The recipe I used to brew 

I brewed it through V60, using 24g of coffee, 315g of water (with a 30 second bloom with 75g of water) and a total brew time of 3 minutes.

If someone gave me this coffee and just told me it was a normal caffeinated Ethiopian, I honestly would none be the wiser, it's freaking delicious 

This brew came out so smooth, with subtle cacao notes, and strong, prominent fruity notes, with no acidity.
As it cooled it became more citrus'y with a little citrus acidity, and slightly more harsher cacao notes, but even still, delicious.

Like I said in yesterdays post that now decaf is becoming more widely spread, and people are educating themselves on how to dial in and brew decaf correctly, it can be so good. 
I had at least 5 DM's on Instagram last night saying how they'd been given a decaf coffee by a friend/co-worker and until they'd drunk it all, they weren't told it was decaf, because it was -that- good. 

I think as more and more people talk about decaf, more people educate themselves and others on decaf, we can stop being so critical of people who order decaf. 

I'll be back with more caffeinated reviews soon, but for now. Try some decaf, educate yourself on how good decaf coffee can be. 

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