Here We Go Again

Well, it's that time of year again, where I attempt to blog everyday in May. Because let's be honest, it went so well last year... Maybe I'll get past day 11 this time?
This time I'd like to say I'm more prepared, I've pre planned what I can and even prepping what can't be pre planned, what can go wrong right?

If you missed last years tragic attempt where we got up to day 11 (damn, so close) it consisted of not my best blogging, organisation, or even thought. So this year, with a lot more organisation, some better blogging (hopefully I've improved in a year) and a LOT of thought. We're doing it again. 

So what to expect during this month?
There are going to be a wide variety of posts, coffee, lifestyle, mental health and some birthday posts (woo, cue the yearly existential crisis about getting older)

For more specific posts (so you can choose what you want to look forward to!)

- Untold Coffee Box (a very special goodbye to the box)
-One Click Coffee Box
- A Birthday Giveaway (beginning of the month)
- The Coffee Life Co Giveaway (towards the end of the month) 
- My yearly what I've learnt
- Recipe posts (v60+aeropress)
- Balance festival 2019
- Goals for being 21
- Yet another gift guide (anyone bored of these yet? no? good)
- Top 5 coffee apps 
- Small habits to improve your mental health 
- Reviews of coffees from, GWGC, Rave Coffee, Bad Hand Coffee etc
- Stopping the stigma on decaf 
- Going back to therapy (and being ok about it) 

I mean, you get the point, there is going to be lots of variety. 

If you have anything that YOU want to see this month, pop it down in the comments, send me a DM on Instagram or use the contact form 

We'll see how well we do this year, stay tuned to find out
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Here's to BEDIM 
(If you didn't get that, that's Blogging Everyday In May, because who wants to type that out every time?)

The Coffee Life

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