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A company I talked about in My Favourite Coffees Of 2019 So Far post, is Coffee Mongers, and how I've not done a billion blog posts on them yet, is, I mean really my bad, but here we are, my first blog post on Coffee Mongers

So, who are Coffee Mongers? 

Created in 2015, Coffee Mongers is an amazing small roastery down in Lymington, on Ampress Park. 
They roast amazing coffees, and are big advocates for #saynotoplastic, meaning that no single use plastic is ever used in their roastery.

After that short overview of the company (if you want to know more about them head to their website, after you've read this post (obviously)) we're going to get into the coffee that this post is about 

Uganda - Wugar Bukonzo 

Taste Notes - rasberry, with clean chocolate finish 

(I know next to no one will notice, but in case - I didn't want to rip the sticker across the front so I spent 20 minutes opening this packet without ripping the sticker, just so the photography would look right, you're welcome)

  V60 Brew
18g of coffee
275ml water
2 minute 55 second total brew time
30 second bloom

A super intense chocolatey brew with fruity and syrup like acidity, rich flavoured and full body, this coffee is super delicious.
If you're new to Coffee Mongers - this would definitely be a great one to start out. 

I can't wait to play with some more recipes with this coffee and see how it affects the taste notes, and intensity of it. 

Another reason you should buy this coffee from Coffee Mongers -
The lovely Pippa will be running a marathon in Uganda in June in gruelling 30c heat (I mean rather her than me)
Every single bag of Ugandan that is purchased from Coffee Mongers, £1 is being donated to help the Local Health Center out in Ssunga, Uganda, which is responsible for delivering babies and looking after the mothers post birth. 
The Mwebazalira Labour Ward only has 2 beds at current and very limited supplies, and due to the struggling health care system, 1 in 20 infacts born in Uganda dies before their 1st birthday (honestly how heart breaking)
The money raised as donation will be used for - providing maternity services to 327 mothers by 2020 and to double the capacity of the Health Center by 2020. All to ensure newborns and their mothers are well looked after and ready to return home in the best possible condition.

If that doesn't want to make you buy 20 bags I don't know what will.
A huge, huge good luck to Pippa in running her first marathon (and in 30C heat!!!)

You can buy this coffee online and in the roastery (both will donate £1 to Pippa's fundraising) 

Buy your Ugandan Coffee here

Where you can find Coffee Mongers

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