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Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription Box 4

As I'm desperately trying to catch up on all the delicious coffees I've drunk over the past few months, it's time again for another Dog and Hat Subscription Box post!

August Box 

We had two gorgeous coffees in this box 
Monsoon Estates Coffee Company - Nicaragua
Ineffable Coffee - Kenya 

Starting with Monsoon Estates

Anne and Chris developed their love of good coffee whilst living in Europe and later Australia. They started roasting beans to sell at a friend's charity sale and they were so well received that they decided to make it a business. Then, after a period of fast growth, multiple awards, and trips to the US to attend coffee boot camps, it was time to scale up.
September 2012 saw the start of new things for them in the form of a new roastery. They leased a barn conversion on the Alscot Estate about 3 miles from Stratford Upon Avon. 
In late 2013 they took delivery of a brand new Probat coffee roaster which was soon installed in the roastery to keep up with the high demand of coffee orders.

Monsoon Estates Coffee Company 
Stratford Upon Avon
Nicaraguan Matagalpa & Jinotega 
Varietal - Maragogype* 
Process - Washed
Altitude - 1200-1500MASL
Taste Notes - Chocolate and Nut, Sweet and Aromatic with Citrus Acidity 

*Maragogype elephant beans are a mutation of Arabica Typica first discovered near the town of Maragogype in Brazil. These trees yield smaller amounts of these massive coffee beans which makes them quite rare and expensive. These days Maragogype beans are grown in several Central/South American countries but are still quite hard to come by.

V60 Brew

18g of Coffee
275ml of Water
(50g Bloom to 30 Seconds)
2 Minute 45 Second Total Brew Time

This was a really interesting cup, I got some really unique flavours out of the brew - mulled wine acidity being one, and spiced with chocolate undertones being another.
It was a super intriguing and delicious coffee to try. It was well rounded, with the perfect subtle acidity 

Find Monsoon Estate Coffee Company
Website - here
Instagram - here
Facebook - here
Twitter - here

Ineffable Coffee Roasters

Ineffable Coffee Roasters is a project that seeks to contribute to the community and help improve the appreciation of coffee in Andalusia and Spain more widely. For more than ten years the team has lived abroad in different countries and cities such as Cape Town, Istanbul or the UK, where speciality coffee culture is widespread. 
The team have had long careers with experience working as baristas, roasters and trainers in established businesses. Now they've returned home with the desire to continue contributing and growing. They are Omar, Jose and Alejandro - each brings a different experience of coffee and have now joined forces to offer the best as a team. 
The name Ineffable Coffee Roasters is inspired by a feeling, causing much emotion, especially pleasure that goes beyond words. It is something unique that breaks the norm. 

(I know this is an aeropress and I'm talking about a V60 brew, but sue me, I forgot to take a V60 picture)

Ineffable Coffee
Origin - Kenya Nyeri and Kirinyaga 
Varietals - SL28 and SL34
Process - Washed
Altitude - 1750MASL 
Taste Notes - Notes of Orange, Brown Sugar and Floral 

Dark and fruity, with subtle citrus acidity, this coffee was super yum - full bodied, with light brown sugar undertones, it was a delicious coffee. Through an aeropress it was also super full bodied and delicious. This bag really didn't last me very long, a good week at most. 

Find Ineffable Coffee 
Website - here
Instagram - here



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