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 I don't know if anyone else can relate to having lockdown-coffee burn out - I have been really struggling with my love for coffee for the past month to the point that I haven't even been making coffee at home. So instead of making reviews that I wasn't happy with, or put out any negativity on The Coffee Life, I thought I'd wait until the feelings of burn out had slightly surpassed to put out a post - and what a first post to do after a bit of a break. 


Cauz Coffee launched just last month in February and the message behind the coffee has been spreading throughout the industry which is LOVELY! Rob kindly gifted me a bag for this post.

What's the story behind Cauz Coffee? 
Cauz Coffee was created by Rob Lyon after two horrific life events inspired him to create a life of purpose and a business that does good in the world.
In 2017, Rob was inches away from death after a car was driven at him during the Westminster Bridge terror attack. 
As if 2020 couldn't get any worse than it already was, in November Rob lost his sister who was battling bowel cancer. It quickly became clear to him that cancer was the fight he was ready to taken on, and he knew coffee was the way to do it.

Be-cauz cancer needs to take a beating.

If you've followed me for a while you'll know my experiences with my health and having a cancer scare at the age of 19. Thankfully I am very grateful that I trusted my gut and caught all abnormal cells before it progressed into cancer.
I also raised money for Breast Cancer now in January, so any business that raises vital funds for cancer research has my backing 100%

50% of profits from all Cauz Coffee purchases go towards fighting cancer. 


Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras
Process: Washed
Roast Profile: Light
Notes of: Apricot, Citrus, Berries

I decided to brew this primarily through Kalita Wave

Recipe: 25g coffee
350g of water
4 minute brew time
slight agitation on bloom

Brew notes: I brewed this up a few times using different recipes, the 25g/350g recipe seemed to work best for the super fruity and citrus-y notes.
This coffee had a super welcomed stone fruit acidity, with more of a citrus acidity on the finish. Lots of zesty flavours, I'd point it more on lime more than a sweet orange which was different to most fruity coffees I've had so it was super interesting on the palate. 
Overall, the fruitiness of this coffee is definitely a win, if you like you coffees zesty with medium-high acidity, you'll love it.

Want to grab yourself a bag?
Use code COFFEELIFE15 for 15% off your purchase (and you're helping beat cancer with every order!)

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