Clark's Coveted Cupping Class

The other day, my good pal Clark (@Clarkthebarista) held a cupping session at Coffee Lab, in the Winchester Branch 

Although I was 20 minutes late (no one was shocked) it was still a really interesting night, as I'd never been to an "official cupping session" before, I've always done them at work with other colleagues or at home with some coffees.

Clark did a short talk (most of which I missed, sorry Clark) about why the process of cupping is done, how to cup and lots of other great information for the lovely customers and other people who came by. 

We cupped 6 coffees, 3 from The Roasting Party, 2 from Whittard and one from Lavazza

The Roasting Party
- Brazil Deterra
- Guatemala Huehuetenago 
- Kenya Gatuyaini

- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 
- Colombia 

- Original crappy bag that's ground for "every coffee making equipment ever"

Pictured: Becca, Clarks girlfriend + an employee of Whittard
Find Beccas Blog Here 

Naturally everybody hated the one from Lavazza, it had a very earthy taste, much like what I would imagine a pavement to taste like. I was also shocked to learn that as much as barista's and coffee snobs hate Lavazza coffee, it managed to generate an astonishing 2 billion pounds last year alone. 

The ones that proved most popular were The Roasting Party - Guatemalan Heuhuetenago and Whittard's -Ethipopian Yirgacheffe
Personally I really loved The Roasting Party's Guatemalan and Whittard's Colombian.

It was really interested to see how different everyone's taste profiles differed, and which coffee's they ended up preferring.

It was a really amazing night, it was so lovely to see everyone, and I cant wait for his next cupping session. 
Clark has also written a more detailed blog post on his event over on his blog which I have linked below. 

Check out Clark's social media

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Williams Coffee Company - Strawberry S'mores - Coffee Review

Happy February!! 
As much as I'm sad to see January go, I cant help but feel excited that it's one month closer to the "warmer" months. 

Today's blog post is all about Williams Coffee Company
I've followed James on Instagram for a long while now, getting an incite to his life, and learning more about his coffee's, and how passionate he is about what he does. 

So today (at long last!) I am finally typing up all about the wonderful, Strawberry S'mores. 

The beans: Strawberry S'mores, Colombia, South of Tolima
Variety:  Caturra
Process: Washed
Taste Notes: S'mores, Strawberry, Caramel
Producer: Astrid Medina
Cupping Score: 86

Described as "something for the filter lovers" I was straight on-board, although I had to wait until I came back from holiday to try it, it was worth the wait.

I first tried it as a V60

The recipe I used to brew: 

Grind: Medium Fine
Grams: 19g
Water: 300ml
Time: 3 Minutes, 25 Seconds 
Bloom: 55g, 28 Seconds

Tasting Notes: 
Aroma: Floral aromas with hints of chocolate
Acidity: Tangy with a clean finish
Body: Light bodied, unlike the aeropress brew.
Flavour: Very fruity with slight syrup-y notes

I tried a few recipes through the aeropress with this coffee, and 19g definitely came out a winner, 

I also brewed it as an Aeropress.

Grind: Slightly Finer Grind
Grams: 15g
Bloom: 25 Seconds
Time: 2 Minutes 35 Seconds
Plunge: 30 Seconds

Tasting Notes
Aroma: Fruity aromas with sour notes
Acidity: Sharp and sour, with a crisp finish 
Body: A full bodied, with a lingering chocolatey taste
Flavour: Syrup-like caramel flavours, with chocolatey after taste

Overall, I much preferred the flavour notes from the Aeropress as I much rather a full bodied coffee, the taste profiles from each brew came out different each time, which is why I played around with the recipe so much so I could give out the best result that I tasted.

Not only does the company roast to order, but every time you buy a bag of coffee, they add 5p (or 25p for every KG) to their community fund. 

If you'd like to learn more about the coffee (and buy it!!) click here

If you'd like to find out more about the brand, click here for their website
Click here for Williams Coffee's Instagram

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