18 Good Things From 2018

Originally I was going to do a post titled "What The Fuck Was That 2018" but as I had a little epiphany of self growth early this morning, I decided that I just didn't want to bring that negativity forward with me in 2019.

2018 was a bit of a shit show, in many ways and I definitely wanted to rant about it, but what's the point? It's not going to change how this year actually went and it definitely wont help me 5 years down the line looking back and being like "why did I write that" 

So instead, here are 18 good things that happened in 2018.

1 - I passed my driving test! 

It was a long time coming, it took me 3 and a half years of on/off learning, 6 (yes 6!!) attempts at my theory test, 1 cancelled practical because of an operation, but I finally got there and passed on the first time 

2 - I went to Disneyland! 

Although I'm not friends with the person I went with or in touch with the girls we met over in Disney, it was still a definite highlight of my 2018, it was amazing.
It snowed whilst we were there so we definitely got some of that Disney magic, more Disney soon!! 

3 - We had lots of snow days - meaning we got a family day with ALL of us!! (that never happens!!!) 

It is a rare occasion that we do things as a family because we all have different work schedules, but the snow definitely bought us together and we had an amazing day sledding down hills (with only minor injuries)

4 - Kat and I went to see Michael McIntyre 

He is amazing live, and me and Kat had some well deserved sister time

5 - London Coffee Festival

What an amazing time this was, I met lots of new people, gave out business cards and self promoted (I definitely need improvement in that area though) 
And I finally met the lovely Fi and Casey after months and months of Instagram chats!

6 - Titanic the musical, on the 107th anniversary, special 11.40pm showing

Wow, this was just incredible, although I was knackered (happened to be on the same day as London Coffee Festival) me and Kat once again took some sister time and watched the incredible performance they put on for the 107th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. It was incredibly emotional and moving, and amazing how we got the honour of watching such a memorable performance.

7 - New relationship!! 

Enter Sam, we met at a not great time in 2018, but somehow with some wit and charm (yeah what charm) I managed to woo him to be with me, 8 months on and I'm still not really sure how he hasn't run away but I'm so glad he hasn't, he's definitely kept me sane and grounded this year, which is definitely what I've needed. 
He's a blessing, and such a good egg.

8 - Amsterdam! 

This year I finally got to go to Amsterdam, a place that's been on my bucket list for years. It's a beautiful place, and I found some amazing little coffee shops and I'm definitely going back (I'll be there for Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2019!!!) 
Oh and I also got a new tattoo whilst I was out there!! 
My lil coffee buddy

9 - I came 2nd in the Hoxton Bakehouse Throwdown

This really couldn't of come at a better time for me in 2018, I was so close to quitting the coffee industry, and I literally had no faith in any of the art I was creating (and I think at this point I hadn't poured properly in about 3 months) it really helped me gain the confidence I needed to believe that I could carry on in the coffee industry and that I wasn't totally useless. 
I definitely came second on a fluke basis, but none the less, it happened, and I'm super proud of myself for it.

10 - I got a new car!! 

After crashing into a trolley bay in Tescos car park (still believing that it WASN'T my fault (it totally was)) and it failing its MOT, with £2000 fix rate, I decided it was time to let go (very hesitantly) of my good old little ford called Bert. (RIP Bert, you are missed) 
I am now the proud owner of a little Suziki called Eve.

11 - I finally got a medical diagnosis (sort of!!!) 
Although this isn't the greatest, it's still better than not knowing, I've had some things not right for years now, and finally doctors listened (hey pestering works) 
It's good to know that I do actually have something wrong with me and they are trying their hardest to fix it, and not feeling like a burden trying to get doctors to listen to you when you go 4 times a week.

12 - I worked at Bestival with Girls Who Grind Coffee

Hands down one of the best parts of 2018
I'd never been to a festival let alone worked at one, and I thought this was to good of an opportunity to pass up and I'm glad I didn't let my anxiety stop me from going (because I definitely nearly turned my car around half way driving there) 
But what an experience.

14 - I finally found a job that doesn't make me want to smash my head against a wall and quit the coffee industry!!! 
Lemana has definitely been a huge thing for me and my career in the coffee industry, it's definitely restored my faith in good management and having a job that you enjoy going to every day.

15 - Sam and I went on our first holiday to Menorca!! 

Although it rained a bit whilst we were there, it was still such an amazing holiday, and we didn't kill each other!!! (a good sign) 
We tanned, swam in the sea, went to the gym (oh we're those people on holiday), drank our body weight in free sangaria and beer (and vodka on the last night), and generally spent some well needed quality time together. 

16 - Kat and I went to Nottingham to see Lucy Spraggan 

Again some sister time, the drive up there was actually horrendous, what should of been a 3 hour drive turned into a 6 hour one with all the traffic and road works, we actually were worried we'd miss Lucy Spraggan
But alas we made it, and like always Lucy was INCREDIBLE and we're always so lucky that we get to meet her after the show ends. 
We then ate some very questionable chicken from a kebab place and fell asleep without drinking any of the wine that we had picked up (adult-hood you're not so fun)

17 - Whilst we were in Nottingham, Kat and I got matching tattoos! 

It's something that's been on my bucket list since I started getting tattoos, but we finally did it. 
We both got the word UNSINKABLE on our arms. 
A Lucy Spraggan song that really means a lot to both of us, I love it.

Last but not least
18 - I spent Christmas surrounded by the people I love 

Christmas 2018 was definitely the best ever.
We finally got a family photo!!! 
Sam and I's first Christmas together was incredible (and he made me cry by surprising me with a Wilfa grinder, I was so shocked and cried so much that my mum thought he had proposed) 

evidence of said cry. i was v happy

2018, you were a very up and down year. 
But having not had the downs, I wouldn't of experienced such big highs. 

So thank you 2018 for teaching me patience, for teaching me believe in myself and to trust my gut when a situation is wrong, for teaching me it's ok to take time for myself and how important self care is, it's taught me to appreciate everything a lot more, so for that, thank you 2018.

I'll catch you guys in 2019 with some (hopefully) great blog content coming soon. 

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Latte Art Lookback 2018

It has somehow come to that time of the year again, where we look back at the year, and one of my favourite blog posts I wrote last year, was my Latte Art Lookback, and since it was one of my most popular blog posts in 2017, I thought I'd do a 2018 version.

This year has been completely different, I have worked at a total of 4 cafes, worked at an event, and have had a few life breaks (you'll see the obvious gaps) 
But without further or do, here is everything I have poured in 2018.


The beginning of the year I was still working at Coffee Lab, but I did have a few life things going on, so I went down to part time, as I was no longer living in Southampton it became a massive commute to get to Winchester. 


Remember when everyone was pouring into avocado's? Same




February was the month that I left Coffee Lab, I didn't have another job lined up, but I knew it was the right decision to do. I needed to move on with my life, and I honestly made life long friends working there, I learnt more than I could ever imagine, and I can't thank them enough for that.


apparently I did no latte art during February (I told you there would be gaps!!)


Also another gap, I spent most of March, looking for jobs, waiting for job interviews, even looking outside of the coffee industry, and it was definitely a low (but definitely not the lowest) of 2018. 


In April I started working at a chain company called Second Cup, although I really didn't fancy working for a chain again, I knew I had no other choice, I needed a job, I needed money, and no where else was hiring / would ever reply to my job applications !!! 


April was also the month of London Coffee Festival 
(I will be going more indepth on another blog post coming out soon about all the best bits of 2018, so look out for that)
I managed to do a cheeky little pheonix pour whilst I was there which actually was the best pour I'd done in months.

(my pour on the right)

here's me also pouring with Minor Figures Oat Milk for the first time

My pour from the Hasbean pop up store - which admittedly took me way longer than it should've to find.


May was a really weird month, I got fired from second cup (more on that in a different post) I got really sick, I was in hospital a few times, I got a boyfriend (woo!) It was my birthday, and I found a new job (just a warning things go VERY DOWNHILL) 

In may I started working for a company called Coffee And Drift, which I thought was a perfect job. A brand new cafe, me as head barista. It was a dream. HA nope. 

One of the reasons it went downhill so quickly was I was waiting for this cafe to open until AUGUST, it was meant to open at the end of May, that's fine I had a bit of money put away I could survive, but no muggings me WAITED until August. Should of been a warning that it wasn't going to end well.

Anyway, back to latte art because I could literally rant for a thousand pages. 

We did some Instagram shoots for the new Instagram, which had my art on.

(I also lost a lot of the photos that were on the Instagram, as I got blocked from their Instagram (petty-ness level 100) so I asked them to take down every photo with my art, but I didn't actually have the photo's on my phone, so there would be a lot more... but) 



Were just going to do a very big skip here, straight to August, because nothing happened in June and July due to me being STUPID.


As well as actually starting work at Coffee and Drift, I also got the opportunity to work at Bestival with Fi and Casey from Girls Who Grind Coffee (highlight of the year!!!) 




best swan of 2018 goes to this lil guy
















By far the most terrifying photo I've ever taken






So, this is the part where I got fired from Coffee and Drift, or as they put it "failed my probation period" I'm not going to get into the details as to why, but I was pretty low, I have never been so stressed in a job like I was at Coffee and Drift, and it was definitely a completely different atmosphere than I have ever experienced in a coffee shop before. 

I was again, unemployed. 

On a whim, I messaged a coffee shop that I used to love to visit, I knew it had just been put under new ownership and that they were hiring, so I slid into their Instagram DM's (classy and how 2018 of me) and I got the job as head barista. 

This was Lemana Coffee and Kitchen, my absolute dream, head barista and coffee connoisseur of the store, and my 2018 really started to get good.





















10 espresso shots anyone?

























And we have finally reached the end! Give yourself a sticker if you've made it through the entire post.

I love doing these posts, as its nice to see everything I have created over the year, it highlights the highs and the lows and what a roller coaster of a year it has been.

I hope your 2018 has been epic, and here's to an amazing 2019. 

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