21 Things I've Learned By 21

Last year during Blogging Everyday In May, my favourite post I wrote was the 20 things I've learnt in 20 years. So I thought I would do another one this year, since I am now a year older and therefore wiser (who am I kidding though)

So here's 21 things I've learned in the 21 years of being alive.

1 - Surround yourself with people who add quality to your life, not subtract from it. Good people are hard to come by, but those who are worth it and add the quality to your life will make themselves known.

2 - Don't hurt the ones you love, just because you are hurting - I'm still working on this

3 - Get out of your comfort zone every once in a while

4 - One book can alter the entire way you live your life (if you ever need rad book suggestions drop a message to @coffee_by_josh on Instagram)

5 - Make time for exercise, no matter what. You will ALWAYS feel better after exercise

6 - Never sell yourself short - know your worth and don't settle for any less

7 - There isn't always an answer for everything

8 - Mental health is super important

9 - Along the same lines, asking for help is a good thing - I recently went back to therapy after years of putting it off because I refused to ask for help.

10 - Trust your intuition, if something doesn't feel right,  then you usually know best

11 - Life is now, and it won't wait

12 - There is so much power in a positive attitude

13 - It could always be worse, even if it doesn't feel like it

14 - Make sure you're always there for your sibling, because they're pretty great

15 - Being curious is how you figure out what you're passionate about

16 - Don't let anyone put you down for being you

17 - Don't be afraid to meet new people

18 - Don't be afraid to explore new places

19 - Have faith in the world that everything will work out

20 - You will always be your own harshest critic

21 - Life is too short for shitty coffee

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