Quarter Horse Coffee - Panama (Dog and Hat Box)

 The second coffee being highlighted in the July Dog and Hat Box is the lovely Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters (who have featured on this blog a few times! - click here to read those!)

Who are Quarter Horse Coffee?

Quarter Horse takes its name from the American horse good at running short distances and their rise through the speciality coffee scene has been just as quick as their namesake.

At Quarter Horse Coffee they source green beans through their international suppliers.

They select beans by quality and seasonality, then test-roast them all in small batches. Their team then evaluates them by flavour and they roast the favourites of these to use in their shops and for their wholesale customers.

They roast in house and within full view of their cafe (Can vouch that their shop is amazing, and anytime I pop to Birmingham, I always make a point to pop in for a delicious coffee!)

Roaster used: Giesen

From the Baru Indian High Estate in the Horqueta region of Panama.

Part of the world famous Hacienda Esmeralda estate in Panama, the Palmira farm is home of Palmyra Estate Coffee.

Palmira was the first parcel of land purchased by the Petersons in 1967, and over the years the holdings have grown to encompass a number of smaller farms.

With rich, volcanic soil, Finca Palmyra is located within the "Baru Indian High" Estate in the Horqueta region, Set at 1300-1500M Noberto Saurez produces this fantastic coffee using European preparation.

The estate's topography is very irregular, and provides not only spectacular views of the plantation itself but also breath-taking scenery from the Baru Volcano and the Central System. Due to the location, it also has a wide variety of flora and wildlife - such as white-neck monkeys, deer, rabbits and several birds native to the region. It has four natural wellsprings which make the soil very rich in organic matter and chemically well balanced. 

SCA Score: 86

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1400MASL

Varietal: Typica, Catuai, Caturra

Taste Notes: Caramel, Raisin, Picnic Bar

Let's Brew!

Brewer - V60

Recipe - 20g of Coffee to 300g of Water

30 second bloom with agitation

3 minute 30 total brew time

I've had so many delicious coffees from Quarter Horse that my expectations were quite high, and this one did not disappoint. The first taste of this coffee reminded me of biscuits (almost like biscuit brew tea!). As it cooled, a lot more chocolatey notes came through, with a hint of raisin undertones.

Now I've never had a Picnic Bar (don't come for me) however this did remind me of a breakaway bar (are those still a thing?!) with the whole biscuit and chocolate notes going hand in hand. Overall this coffee is absolutely delicious, it's been a while since I've had a coffee with chocolate notes, and especially one that's this good. 

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters - Kenya (Dog and Hat Box)

 Welcome back to the official week of the Dog and Hat Box! 

This is the second "week of Dog and Hat" here on The Coffee Life - and we'll be highlighting July's delicious box! (it's a bit late, I know) 

The first roaster out of this box is Manhattan Coffee Roasters.

So, who are they?

Manhattan Coffee Roasters is based in the Dutch harbour city of Rotterdam. Run by long time coffee professionals and competitors Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam.

The name Manhattan Coffee Roasters is inspired by the history of the harbour in Rotterdam. In particular the Holland America line that sailed from Rotterdam to New York. Rotterdam is situated next to the river Maas and being the only modern city with a gorgeous skyline in the Netherlands, it is locally named "Manhattan ann de Maas" 

At Manhattan Coffee Roasters they want to celebrate local history, but also be open about their International aspirations. 

"Join us on our adventure from Rotterdam to the world"

Roaster used - Probat

From smallholders at the Kianjege washing station in Kirinyaga County region of Kenya.

There are around 700,000 producers across Kenya, and they tend to work completely by hand, from picking to drying and processing to sorting. The rich red volcanic soils of the central region are known to produce some of the best coffees coming out of Kenya. Kianjege Coffee Factory is located in Central Province, Kirinyaga District in Kariti location of Ndia Division near Karatina town. It was established in 1987 and rests on a 7 acre piece of land serving Nyagathi, Nyangio and Kimathi Villages.

Coffee in Kenya is often thought of as SL's - 28 and 34 most commonly, but in the 1980's Ruiru was released as a crossing to counteract their weakness - Coffee Borer Disease, or CBD. It has a complex make up, owning parts to Catimor as the mother plant, and a multicross of selection amongst others K7 (a nod to the varietal input from India after the rust outbreak in Ceylon), SL28, N39 (a Tanzanian Bourbon selection from the 1920's) and Sudan Rume.

SCA Score: 86

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1495MASL

Varietal: Ruiru-11 and SL-28

Taste Notes: Blackberry, Redcurrant, Dr Pepper

Let's Brew!

Brewer - V60 

Recipe - 20g of Coffee to 300g of Water

30 Second Bloom, with slight agitation (40g of water)

3 Minute 15 Second Total Brew Time

My favourite coffee's are typically Kenya (just because they're generally super sweet and yummy!) and this one did not disappoint! - On first sip, I got really subtle berry notes, with lots of super sweet undertones running through it. 

As it cooled, I can definitely see where they were getting the Dr Pepper taste note from, I can never describe what flavour comes from Dr Pepper (because apparently it's 23 fruity flavours?! who knew?!) but it had a similar taste as it cooled more. 

I just love how fruity Kenyan's are!

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Cupboard Coffee - Brazil

 It's been a long while since we've had the pleasure of featuring Cupboard Coffee here on The Coffee Life!

If you don't know James from Cupboard Coffee

a. Where have you been?

b. You need to know James from Cupboard Coffee, he is genuinely one of the loveliest people, shockingly I still haven't met him in person (um, James what's that about?!) but we communicate regularly and I would consider him a very close friend of mine. 

*because I have been chaotically busy, there is only one recipe in this blog post, however it will be updated with an espresso recipe within the next couple of days*

So Cupboard Coffee... Who are they?

Our mission at Cupboard, is to enable you to form a deeper and more meaningful connection with coffee. Our platform gives partner farmers space to tell their own stories, as well as share updates and photos from their fam. So, you get to see exactly where our coffee come from and meet the incredible people behind it. You can even have direct conversations with each farmer in the comments section. We're incredibly excited to be the first company to enable connection between customers and farmers in this way, and would love for you to join us on this journey!

"Discovering Cafe Mió was no coincidence, it was thanks to Ana's relentless pursuit in getting her family's coffee in-front of anyone and everyone in the industry that values transparency. 2020 saw Cafe Mió bring everything in-house, from growing to processing , exporting/importing and even the final sales. It's a lot of extra work, but Ana and her parents wanted to bring everything under one roof so they could provide absolute transparency of their supply chain, and give themselves a say in the future of their own coffee."

Cup Score - 85

Region - Minas Gerais, Brazil

Varietal - Yellow Catucai

Process - Red Honey 

Taste Notes - Caramel, Chocolate, Tangerine

Lets Brew

Brewer - V60 

Recipe - 16g of Coffee to 255g of Water
30 second bloom with agitation
3 Minute total brew time 

This coffee came through with its chocolatey notes straight away, as it cooled slightly you get more citrus acidity making it a super balanced cup. 
I haven't made a coffee that hits you with the good chocolate and citrus notes for a while, so this was a delicious change from all the fruity coffees recently. 

*This blog post will be updated shortly with an espresso recipe*
Brewer - Espresso

James is doing incredible things for the coffee industry right now, building the Cupboard app to change how we view transparency within coffee. This app will allow you to talk directly to farmers (ok, but how cool is that?!?!).
Transparency in coffee has always been a thing that I constantly look for especially when reviewing coffees, I love to know where exactly my coffee is coming from if I can find it. Having an accessible app will be a godsend for me. 
I recommend everyone with iPhone to download it (and everyone with an Android when that version comes out!)

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UE Coffee Roasters - Colombia

 After getting a taste for UE Coffee Roasters in the Dog and Hat box (read here) and reading up on one of their exclusive upcoming roasts, of course I had to get my hands on some. 

If you're new to UE Coffee Roasters

UE Coffee are an independently owned and family run business, who are forever curious and ready to transform the way coffee is served.

Established in 2009 by Dominic and Daniella Boyett, the mission was to offer great coffee whilst making it accessible to everyone. They have dedicated the last decade and more to learning, working hard and building more than just another coffee brand. They have learned that it takes a team with passion and determination in the pursuit of excellence to make a company great.

Experience is something they cherish and harness to be the best they can be, whether it is from the experience from their customers, in their own retail stores or through their wholesale partners. It takes time and considerable training to learn how to get the best from coffee, to understand the roasting process, the science and to be able to offer first-rate support to their customers.

A great deal of work is involved in sourcing speciality grade and experimental micro-lot coffees ensuring that they buy both ethically and sustainable from growers with direct longstanding trading relationships

"It is our responsibility to honour the hard work already invested in the coffee by roasting it to showcase its distinctive qualities. Roasting is one of the most delicate and critical parts of the process that leads to a great cup of coffee. We want to ensure that we focus on showcasing what makes a particular variety, origin or farm so thrilling"

Roaster used by EU Coffee: Giesen

"Every once in a while, a coffee comes along that is so unique and full of character that it reminds us of our first discovery of speciality coffee. The moment that you question if it really is coffee; how can it have this much sweetness, depth and flavour? This is that coffee"

Grown in the famous Huila department of Colombia by a pioneering producer named Luis Anibal, this microlot is his next in a series of exploratory and high-end coffees productions. It is also our next in the experimental microlot range whereby we source extraordinary coffees with distinct characteristics as a special treat for our valued followers. 

By carefully maintaining the harvested coffee at specific temperatures and in the absence of oxygen, Luis created an environment for fermentation to develop a higher concentration of lactic acid in the coffee. The chosen variety, Pink Bourbon, is naturally sweet and complex so when exposed to this style of processing the resulting coffee is remarkably creamy with great depth of body and guaranteed to pull you back for another cup.

Farm - Finca Villa Betulia 

Grower - Luis Anibal

Location - Huila, Acevedo, Colombia

Process - Honey Lactic Acid Fermentation

Altitude - 1500-1600MASL

Variety - Pink Bourbon

Taste - Marshmallow, Toffee, Vanilla Ice-Cream

Lets Brew

Brewer: V60

Recipe - 15g of Coffee

250g of Water

30 Second Bloom, with agitation

Total Brew Time of 2 Minute 30

Brewer: Espresso Machine

Recipe - 17g of Coffee / 35ml Out

28 seconds

V60 Brew

As a V60, this brew came out super bright. It came through really sweet, which almost dissolved in your mouth (much like marshmallows!) 

As it cooled, it became super smooth and creamy, with all the sweetness tasting like fudgy toffee (yum!)

Espresso Drink

I ended up making this into a flat white, and boy am I glad I did. 

The espresso itself came through super sweet and punchy, and with added milk, it became a deliciously smooth flat white, with next to no acidity. 

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Two Chimps Coffee - Have Faith in the Fairies

Well, after a couple of stressful weeks of not having a laptop that worked properly, we are back!

This blog post is a little late, (much like the rest of the backlog of coffees I now have to catch up on!)  however this is the last coffee I received from Two Chimps Coffee.

If you missed the last two posts, you can find them here

Two Chimps - Oogles of Ongles - Rwanda

Two Chimps - There's a Chimp in my Kitchen - Honduras

To recap who Two Chimps are:

"Awesome coffee. No nonsense. Freshly roasted, ethically sourced coffee and coffee subscriptions tailored for you from a climate positive coffee company. 
What's more, with your first order, we will plant a tree"

Two Chimps are on a mission to fill the gap between pod machine coffee drinkers and speciality coffee drinkers by offering fresh, hand roasted, speciality coffee straight to your door. 
Two Chimps focus on hand roasted, ethically sourced, single origin coffees direct from their roastery in Rutland. Their coffees come from small farms and cooperatives from around the globe. This makes their coffee extra special because when a coffee runs out, it's gone for good. 
They pay between 30-150% more than the "going rate" for green coffee to make sure that farmers that lovingly grow and harvest such superior coffee are paid correctly for their work and effort. 

The Coffee

Have faith in the Fairies - Brazil 

Fazenda Zaroca has been in the Basilios family for over 100 years.
After a decline; in 2015 Gilberto and his brother set to turn the farm around. To start, they replanted areas with varietals such as Mundo Novo and Catuai. They now have over 16 different varietals across the site. To focus on speciality coffee, recently Gilberto has introduced static drying boxes too.
The coffees are picked and separated before drying for a day on patios. The coffees are then transferred into these aforementioned drying boxes. The boxes are a metre deep with the capacity for 15000 litres of coffee cherries. A vented grill at the bottom allows for the air to be circulated from below. They stay in these boxes for ten days before going to the local mill. This method of drying coffee helps develop the flavour profiles of the cherry.
Fazenda Zaroca and its workers have seen a massive improvement in their speciality coffees and have found themselves in the cup of excellence competition multiple times now too.
This coffee is an excellent example of their hard work.

Brazil - Fazenda Zaroca 
Process - Natural
Altitude - 1150MASL
Varietal - Topazio
Taste - Smooth and Creamy, like milk chocolate. Find toffee sweetness and soft cherry acidity in every cup. And vanilla as it cools

Lets Brew

Brewer - V60

Recipe - 15g of Coffee
250g of Water
30 Second Bloom with 30ml of Water
Total Brew Time - 2 minute 45

This brew had really subtle chocolate notes when first sipped, with a slight raisin tone. As it started to cool down more, it became a sweet syrup-y brew with some stone fruit hints of acidity. The more it cooled the more chocolate-y the brew became. 
I am in love with the name of this coffee, I love anything fairies and magic so it was a winner from the get go. 

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