Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers 2019

Anybody getting bored of my gift guides yet? No? Good, me either.
I love scouting out little gadgets and cool things to share on little gift guides.

If you've missed any of my previous gift guides you can find them
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So here are some more things I've found that would be PERFECT for gifting to your loved ones, or even to treat yourself.

Very obviously were going to start with some self promotion (hello)
If you've not been following me on my socials (um, why, links on my social page) I have started making my own coffee soaps! 

The Coffee Life Co - Zero Waste Exfoliating Coffee Soaps - (set of 2)
Find them on Etsy - here

Whats better than a coffee candle? 
A Soy wax coffee candle
Find it here 

Coffee Liqueur is a staple in my household, I don't know about you, but it's always on hand when I need it. 
There are so many amazing ones, but my two favourites are Mr Blacks and Conker

(I actually have a giveaway on my instagram going on right now, where you can win a bottle of Mr Blacks, you have until the 10th of May to enter!!) 

Find Mr Blacks here

Find Conker coffee liqueur here

Stovetop coffee makers are all the rage at the moment, and one that I am pining over is the Bialetti Mini Express
Find it here


There are so many books on coffee, and they're constantly being bought out by experts, it's great to see so many coffee enthusiasts sharing the love and knowledge they have

Here are a few that are definitely on my wish list! 

Coffee Obsession 
Find here

The Curious Barista's Guide to Coffee
Find here

How To Make Coffee: The Science Behind The Bean
Find here

Something so cool that I came across on Etsy recently was a shop called BeansBeadsBetes
These people basically make bracelets out of real coffee beans.
They look amazing, and I will definitely be purchasing one soon because HOW COOL
Find them here

As usual my gift guides have to mention my favourite places to get coffee recently

Untold Coffee

River Coffee 

The Roasting Party

Bad Hand Coffee

I know this is one of my shorter gift guides, but to be honest, I don't want to be repeating the same things everytime! I'm trying to find cute unique things and things that I am loving to share with you guys! 

What would you gift someone off this list? Or what would you treat yourself too?
Let me know in the comments! 

The Coffee Life

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