Calm Drinks - CBD Infused Coffee

Something I have raved a lot about on The Coffee Life is CBD, and the affects of CBD and coffee together. 

I recently got approached by Calm Drinks, with their innovative CBD infused coffee, asking if I wanted to try some out - of course the answer was yes!

*these products were kindly gifted*

Based in the UK, Calm Drinks is new to the food and drink industry. Their fresh faced approach has allowed them to dynamically create a range of drinks, without any of the restrictions of working within a PLC. 
"The drinks industry up until now has been stale, it's full of large players, dominating the market with unhealthy fizzy drinks, that are full of sugar or unhealthy chemical sweeteners. We have set out to change this, giving you the range of drinks that taste great and make you feel great. 
Our ethos is simple, create a fantastic innovative and great tasting product, using only the finest ingredients, and keeping it free from chemicals and dairy ingredients." 
-Calm Drinks Website

I was lucky enough to receive not just a bag of their CBD infused coffee, but 2 samples of their cold brew CBD coffee range. 

We'll start with the coffee 

Lightly roasted 
100% Brazilian Coffee
Ethically sourced 
Taste Notes - Macadamia and Milk Chocolate 

(you can also check out a full CBD analysis from their website here)

I first brewed the coffee through an aeropress, and boy. I was not disappointed. 
This is the first CBD infused coffee I've tried that actually tastes like coffee and not like grass (and I have tried A LOT, and even tried making my own!!) 
You get the chocolate notes massively, with the nutty tones coming through in the after-taste.
Even through a cafetiere it still brews up amazingly. 

On to the CBD Cold Brew cans

I first started off with their americano, as black coffee is more my style - and luckily I had something to compare it too, the trusty High Tides CBD Cold Brew. I lived off this stuff during the summer months, so I was intrigued as to how it would compare to that. again I wasn't disappointed! 
The coffee was delicious, and you wouldn't actually be able to tell it had CBd in it! There was no underlying tastes of it at all - super good for a little afternoon pick me up. 

a huge thank you to calm drinks for sending over these delicious cbd infused goodies! 

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CBD Cold Brew

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