One Click Coffee Box 2

I'll start by apologising for the hugeeee delay on this blog post, but it means that you'll get to enjoy 2 One Click Box posts in one month! So I hope that makes up for it.

This box was actually the box that arrived just after International Women's Day (yes, that's how long it's been since I received this box) and we have two delicious coffees by two badass women run companies 

Firstly, we have Girl In The Cafe
The lovely Celeste who I've followed on Instagram for years, she's a huge inspiration for me, but, I'd never tried her coffee (yeah figure that one out) It's been on my list of companies to try since I started the blog and finally a year and a half down the line, we're finally here. 

Secondly we have the amazing Girls Who Grind Coffee
You guys know how much I rave about these girls, I love them with my whole heart, and it's been amazing to watch them grow and produce so many amazing coffee's throughout their journey. 

Also in the box was a yummy treat from Rosette Bakes London (although I cant tell you what it tasted like as it contained dairy, I'm sure they're delicious though!!) 
There was also a super cool poster, and of course the monthly newspaper filled with interviews and brewing info! 

We'll start off with Girls Who Grind Coffee

Because ... I've already done a blog post on the coffee!! But that doesn't mean it's any less delicious, and I have already finished the bag in less than a few weeks, which is pretty much impossible for me now a days.

San Salvador, El Salvador 
Process - Washed
Variety - Bourbon, Shade Grown
Taste - Mellow, Fruity, Apple Cider Doughnut, Toasted Pecan
Light My Fire

Brewed through V60
20g of coffee
300ml water
3 minute total brew time with 25 second bloom

I said in my other blog post on this coffee about how well it bloomed, and again I'm gunna make a comment on it, because damn.
Super fruity and syrup-y, and unlike some coffees got smoother and more mellow as it cooled. 
I found when I brewed it through aeropress I got more punchy crisp notes, but it was still on the fruity, mellow side.

Read my other post about all three El Salvadors from GWGC here

Onto The Girl In The Cafe

The Roastery Department 
Guatemalan, Huista
Estate - San Antonio, SHB 
Variety - Catuai, Cattura, Bourbon, Pache
Process - Washed 
Altitude - 1400 MASL 
Region - Coshecha 
Taste - Acidity of green apples, floral, ripe yellow melon, creamy toffee finish

Brewed through V60
20g of coffee 
300ml of water
3 minute total brew time with 25 second bloom

This coffee had some insane pungent fruity acidity to it with super smooth chocolate tones, and it only got more chocolatey and sweet as it cooled. 

Brewed through a Moka-Pot
(Now I am no expert here, I am simply experimenting with using different ways to brew coffee apart from through V60+Aeropress)

16.5g, fine grind
125ml of water

BOY, this coffee through a moka-pot, YUM. 

I'm not sure if it was a complete fluke that the two times I brewed this they turned out super delicious because I haven't really had the time to research into if I'm actually brewing the moka-pot correctly, updates will follow I'm sure!! 

Again, apologies for this blog post being so late, but it means that the next blog post on One Click will be out soon, and we have some super delicious coffees from that box too!! 

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