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Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Lockdown - BEDIM Day 4

It's a confusing time for everyone right now - and as someone who cant actually work from home (woohoo furlough club!) it's been difficult to adapt to new routines out of work, and to find a balanced level for mental health and self care.

Mental health is a tricky thing - it's not the same for everybody, however there are some basic things that work for most people, and that's what this post is. 
(Please note, I am not claiming to be an expert in Mental Health, I am just someone who has struggled with mental health issues both in the past and currently)


Having a set routine (even when you're out of work) helps to keep you focused on your goals outside of work - setting aside time for maintaining a good sleep schedule, exercise, hobbies, and anything else you do will help you adapt into these challenging times of lockdown. 


It's SO easy to stay up until 4am and sleep in until noon (trust me, I've done it enough times) but keeping a good sleep schedule is so important, it definitely helps my mental health and I can always tell when my sleep schedule is rocky because my mental health takes a huge hit. 


Now I am someone who works morning till night, there is always something to do - however, I've been really relaxed since I've not been at work - The Coffee Life has been pushed to the side and it's been really nice to have lazy days.
Learning that you don't have to be productive everyday and you don't have to feel guilty about that (even if everyone on twitter and instagram seems to be thriving with motivation to do everything) 


We've all been told that we can go outside for some exercise once a day - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT - now I am incredibly lucky where I live, I can walk to the forest within 10 minutes of my house, and I can also walk to the beach under 30 minutes. 
Even walking around the block, being out in the open air, can make you feel 100 times better, and the weather has been so gorgeous lately that it'd be silly to not take advantage of the outside!! 
(just don't be an idiot and meet up with people!! don't go to popular places that you know will be filled with lots of people!! Practise social distancing!!) 


Most people, are not used to staying home - our brains are stressed out even at the thought - your brain doesn't know what news to brace for next or what the next few months will hold - Your brain is automatically stressed during this time, meaning you're burning through your energy 10x faster than usual, it'll cause tiredness quicker - your brain believes you need to be extremely adaptive to what happens next, so it's harder to focus on what you're doing, your future and your goals - so repeat after me DO NOT BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF


Self care looks different to every single person, you need to find whats right for you, what calms you down and what makes you feel at peace.
Some recommendations if you don't know where to start
- Meditation, the CALM app works wonders
- Reading a book
- Take a bath, with candles, a facemask, exfoliates the whole lot - pamper yourself
- Have a break from social media 


I find that when my space is cluttered my head is also a big cluttered mess - so keeping your space clean is always a good thing. OH! and don't forget to change your bedsheets, it's always a great feeling getting into a freshly clean made bed. 


Home cooked meals are the best, and whilst most of the takeaways and fast food places are closed. Take advantage of expanding your culinary skills. There is nothing better than nourishing your body with good homemade food. Cooking can also be super relaxing and good for the soul.
Also note - you don't have to bake, whilst everyone is out there baking banana bread and perfecting their cake skills, it's ok if you can just about cook yourself mac and cheese with a vegetable. Take it easy. 


It's very easy to distance yourself away from both co-workers, friends and family. But staying in touch is essential. Reach out to people if you're struggling - or even if you just want to chat. 


One thing I am the worst at when my routine even goes slightly out, is taking my meds, remembering to take them, and generally wanting too - It's very easy to forget about them, so set an alarm, put a calendar notification on everyday, do what you need to do to keep taking any medication responsibly. 


It's true that we don't for sure know when this lockdown will end. However we can keep positive that even if it takes up to a year for things to go back to normal, it wont last forever. 
We will most likely have to adapt to a different kind of normal when the lockdown is lifted, but that's the good thing about us as humans. We adapt. 

Take care of yourself, stay safe.

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  1. yes to not feeling bad for not being PRODUCTIVE all the time. This is the opportunity to pause and reflect if you will. It's okay to have lazy days. xx

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