Welcome to The Coffee Life

 Hello, welcome to my little space on the internet. My name is Jass, I have a love for all things speciality coffee.
One day in 2017, The Coffee Life was born. I decided I wanted a dedicated space to write about all the coffee I get to enjoy as well as writing about other things outside of coffee that I also enjoy. 

I have a very chatty way of writing which I feel helps connect me to my readers (and fellow coffee lovers!) and I love to convey the feelings and honest opinions about all things I get to try and enjoy, so I do hope you'll stick around for all my rambles (and sometimes shambles!) of posts. 
For those who love a mis-match blog about coffee with lifestyle and mental health, this is the perfect blog for you. 

As well as having The Coffee Life, I also work as Coffee Shop manager at Pallets Tea and Coffee House in Beaulieu. If you're ever around the New Forest, you should pop by - we do amazing coffee and amazing cakes. I cant wait to see you there.

I hope you decide to stick around and join this little community of coffee lovers and lifestyle strugglers.
Happy reading!