My Favourite Coffees Of 2019 So Far

Now that we're nearly half way through the year (cue the mid year existential crisis) I thought I would share some of my favourite coffee's that I've tried and loved sipping throughout 2019 so far.

I've tried to be fair with my choices and only chosen 1 or 2 each from each company I've had coffee from so far this year because we all know I'd favour a few companies.

We'll start off with a company that I am actually super close too (both the people, and it's actually quite close to my house) and shockingly I haven't done a blog post about them yet (it's coming guys I promise!!!)

Coffee Mongers, is a small roastery based in Lymington, they do some super amazing coffees, and they're amazing people, I love them all (coffees and people) 

This particular coffee was a Pacamara and it was gorgeous through aeropress

I'm pretty sure I took some of the last of this coffee (oops) from them because I liked it so much, and the entire bag was gone within a week. 
Super aromatic and smooth.

You can find Coffee Mongers here

The Roasting Party, Costa Rica Jaguar Honey

I actually did a blog post about this coffee, you can read that here

Way back when I worked in Coffee Lab this used to be the single origin I was almost most excited to receive with our coffee deliveries, ITS JUST SO GOOD

It's super light, fruity and sooo delicious, if I could have this coffee everyday, I really would 

You can find The Roasting Party Here

Mission Coffee Roasters, Brazil

This is another coffee that I have done a blog post on - read here

I received this coffee through a swap with a lovely guy called Michael from Ohio.

I'm usually not a -huge- fan on Brazilian coffees, but this one definitely changed my view on them, this was DELICIOUS.

With super chocolatey notes, and underlying stone fruit hints. 

200 Degrees - Panama 

This is the first coffee I have tried from 200 Degrees and it definitely wont be the last, this came in the One Click Coffee sub box (read that post here

This coffee brewed through an aeropress was INCREDIBLE. 

Bad Hand Coffee - Rwanda 

Another roastery that is just a short drive from my house is Bad Hand in Bournemouth. I love Bad Hand so much (look out for a blog post this month) 
They do some incredible coffees, and this one is definitely one of them

Super sweet and syrupy. Yum

Find Bad Hand Coffee here

Girls Who Grind Coffee, Nicaraguan + El Salvador, Honey Process

How many of you placed bets they'd be in this list?
As much as I love every single coffee that GWGC come out with, there are two that stick out on the spectrum in 2019 that I have loved (although still waiting for Dr Congo to come back, I'm actually going to start a petition)


This coffee, is incredible.
Super citrus-y, or as my sister would say "zingy zangy" 

El Salvador, Honey Process

Although I don't want to pick favourites on the El Salvador Trio, this one was definitely the one I finished the quickest (and pretty much cried when I did finish it) 

You can read the blog post about the trio here

Again like the Nicaraguan it was super citrus-y in all the best ways - and became super sweet and mellow the more it cooled. 

Find Girls Who Grind Coffee here

Untold Coffee, Jeremy Abadi, Colombia

Again another company you definitely made bets that they would be on this list, and again another company where I could definitely pick out SO many coffees that I've enjoyed. 

This coffee is super chocolatey, hella smooth and the bag was gone within 4 days. 

You can find Untold Coffee here

Blackbird Coffee, Espresso Blend
Brazilian + Ethiopian

My first espresso blend of this blog post! 

Boy, this bag went down quick, not just by me, but the customers I gave an espresso to in my cafe LOVED it too! 
It was SO smooth, super sweet and fruity, and mixed well with oat milk, win win.

The Girl In The Cafe, Guatemala 

The most recent of this blog post! I literally finished this bag yesterday. 
And another coffee that came from the One Click Coffee Box (they're really smashing out the amazing coffees) 
Read the blog post here

If you do anything with this coffee, try it through a moka-pot, you wont regret it. 
Super fruity, with milk chocolate notes running through it. Y-U-M

Last but not least for my favourite coffees of 2019

Fucking Strong Coffee

I picked this up at Amsterdam Coffee Festival, fell in love with the brand, and the beans. 
Although it's not as the name suggests (I was hoping to get thrown against a wall from strongness of the coffee) it still is one of the most delicious Rwanda's I've tried. 

It was delicious both through an espresso and v60, and mixed with oat milk super well!! 

What have been your favourite coffees so far of 2019? 

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