Moonroast - Rwanda Karisimbi

A company that has been taking the coffee industry by storm recently, is Moonroast - and like many coffee companies, it was definitely on my list to try. 

So when Dan sent me a message on Instagram asking if he could send me a sample of coffee, how could I say no?

They very kindly sent me a 100g sample of their Rwanda, Karisimbi 
and boy, it's pretty freaking delicious 

The beans - 
Rwanda Karisimbi
Region: Gicumbi, Northern Province 
Farm: Karisimbi 
Variety: 100% Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2000-2200 metres above sea levels
Medium Roast
Taste Notes: Apricot, Orange and Florals, with hints of Vanilla 

V60 Brew

17g of Coffee
280ml Water
25 second bloom with 40g of water 
40g first pour, 120g second pour, 120 third pour
Total brew time 3 minutes

When brewing this coffee, I could smell the floral hints coming through, like the smell the first taste you get is the super florally mouthfeel and gorgeous fruity hints, with some citrus acidity this is a super delicious coffee, as it cooled, you definitely get more citric and floral mouthfeel along with the citric acidity. 
This was definitely an amazing coffee to start my love relationship with Moonroast with - and a coffee from Moonroast was included in the May One Click Coffee subscription box, so look forward to that post next month 

Have you tried Moonroast? 

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