Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied in 2019 - Part 3

If you've missed parts 1 and 2 click here and here 

Eco Coffee

Eco kindly sent me over 4 x 1kg bags of coffee, I wont lie, I didn't drink them all. There came a time where they were too old to even fathom drinking - however I did enjoy the lightest of the roasts. 

read the blog post!

Nord Coffee - Rulindo District, Rwanda 

Quarter Horse - Las Cotorras, Mexico
This was also my first maragogype beans of 2019! 

Farm Boy Brews - Depresso Espresso 
James is doing some incredible things not just for coffee, but for raising awareness of mental health in the coffee industry, I cant wait to see what he comes out with in 2020 (and finally do a huge blog post all about it!!)


1. Senor Mono, Guatemala

2. Mr Wolf, Brazil, Colombia and Honduras

Both of these came in my first ever Dog and Hat box, however I never got round to blogging about them, but I can confirm that they were both absolutely delicious through espresso.

Clifton Coffee - Aricha Ethiopia
I think this was my first full bag I had purchased from Clifton, I cant wait to try more throughout 2020.

Climpson and Sons - Sasaba, Ethiopia

Two highlights from 2019!

Mission Coffee - Ipicoara, Brazil 
This was from a coffee swap I did with a guy called Michael from Ohio, and wow!!! 

Calendar Coffee - Vitaliano Merino, Ecuador 

Monsoon Estates - Nicaragua Maragogype

Gentleman Baristas - Boater, Honduras 
I've already raved about the amazing people at Gentleman Baristas! 

Unorthodox Roasters - Cycle Psycho, Uganda

Untold Coffee - Jeremy Abadi, Colombia 
(we've already talked about this one in part 1!!) 

Cafe Salomao - Sirlei Cezar, Brazil
I received this coffee from the coffee exchange Third Wave, from a lovely guy in Brazil! How amazing is that!!! 

Oven Heaven - Waturi AA, Kenya 

Limini Coffee - Antigua, Guatemala 

Girls Who Grind Coffee -  Gaitania Tolima, Colombia 
(apparently one coffee slipped away from the bundle of GWGC in part 2!!) 

Colonna - Santa Sofia, Costa Rica 
Another fantastic coffee from Colonna 

Loudmouth - Myanmar Ywangan 
My first ever Myanmar coffee I purchased! 

The total number of coffee bags I finished in 2019 was 122! That's actually INSANE! 
I hope 2020 is filled with the same caffeinated goodness. 

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Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied in 2019 - Part 2

If you missed part 1 of Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied in 2019, click here

Were just going to jump straight back in ...

Moon Roast Coffee 

1+2. Karisimbi Rwanda 

3. Gitwe, Rwanda 

Both of these Rwandas were incredible, and like I keep saying, Moon Roast are producing some incredible coffees! 

Sendero - Guatemala
Phoar, this coffee was definitely in my top 10 from 2019, it was amazing 

Mok Speciality Coffee - Dimtu Tero Farm, Ethiopia

200 Degrees Coffee - Panama 
This was one of the first coffees I had from my first ever One Click Box!

39 Steps - El Mural, El Salvador 

DT Coffee

1. Huila Colombia

2. North Kivu, Congo 

3. KOKE, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Perky Blenders - One Click Blend 
Ethiopia, Duromina and Rwanda, Gitwe 

The Roastery at Bella Barista 
Camocim, Brazil

Luckie Beans Coffee Roasters - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
I got to try a few coffees from Luckie Beans last year, they are doing some great things!

River Coffee - Filena Zeledon, Nicaragua 

Heart and Graft (another company doing some great things!!) 

1. Chateau 76 - Ethiopia Kochere Debo 

2.Chateau 76 - Kenya Kagumoini

3. Crazyhorse - D.R Congo, Hutwe

4. Miriam Perez, Honduras Microlot

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Oh these girls! You all know I could rave about them until the end of time! 
I you read last years Empties you'll remember that most of them were GWGC. They're just incredible people doing incredible things.

Girl Crush Espresso - Nueva Florida, Junin, Peru 

Honduras Microlot

Dr Congo, Decaf - my favourite ever decaf (and the caffeinated version is still my favourite coffee I've EVER had!)

El Salavador - Natural and Washed 

Godeo Zone, Ethiopia, Decaf

Abakundakawa Rushashi, Rwanda 
One of the best Rwanda's I drank in 2019!!! 

The biggest bundle comes from of course - Untold Coffee, in 2019 Untold had a subscription service (which obviously I had to subscribe to!!) I'm just going to list these and leave the links to the 8 posts I did on these to save you the time of reading through them!

- Love Potion, Costa Rica, Honduras, Kenya 

- River Coffee - Uraga Samii, Ethiopia 

- Horsham Roasters - Apanaca Llamatepec, El Salvador

- San Luis, Costa Rica 

- El Cipres Estate, El Salvador 

- Craft House - Finca Palacios, Guatemala 

- River Coffee - Northern Rift Valley, Kenya 

- San Salvador, El Salvador 

- Illicnea, Sul De Minas, Brazil

- Craft House - Berrador, Brazil

- Cyarumbo Estate, Huye District, Rwanda 

- GWGC - San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango, Guatemala 

- Craft House - Villa Moreno, Colombia 

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Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied in 2019 - Part 1

Now, hear me out - I know I promised this blogpost as a YouTube video, however, a lot has happened in the last month and even though it was filmed, when I transferred the files, they corrupted (yes, you are correct I cried a lot about it)
So instead of putting myself through the hell that was filming it again (it was going to be an hour long!!) I'm going to split it into 3 separate blog posts on here, then it gives you the option to look at the overview image and read about the coffees you want to know if I enjoyed rather than trawling through one huge blog post (and don't worry, YouTube is coming!!)

So onto, Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied In 2019 - Part 1. 
(*part 2 and 3 linked at the bottom of the post)

2019 was filled with some INCREDIBLE coffees, I feel I found my mojo for the direction of The Coffee Life, which is great. 

We'll start from the top of the picture and work our way down - I must also say that there is one company that isn't pictured because I turned their tins into new little plant pots for my houseplants, however shout out to Good Beans over in Amsterdam for creating some absolutely incredible coffee (and I hope to put up a blog post about them soon!)

Untold Coffee 
I've raved about Untold a lot in 2019, and it's incredible to see the growth they've had, and everything they're doing environmentally for coffee
In part 2, they will be a heavy feature from their subscription service they used to have. 

Pictured above
1. Danilo Barbosa - Minas Gerais, Brazil (there are actually 2 tins of this scrummy one, but one of them is currently a home for one of my plants)
2. Jeremy Abadi  - Valle del Cauca, Colombia - Washed and Extended Fermentation
3. Jeremy Abadi - Valle del Cauca, Colombia - Washed

Craft House Coffee - Colombia, El Muro 

Fried Hats x Oatly - I picked this cool looking coffee up from Amsterdam Coffee Festival last year, it was super delicious through espresso

Bad Hand - Rwanda 
I love, love, love Bad Hand, they're super local to me as well which is a huge bonus! 

1. Alauela, Western Valley - Costa Rica 
2. Muranga - Kenya 
Now, every time I get a bag of Hasbean coffee, I always drink it too fast to ever do a blogpost about them, 2020 goal is to actually blog about them, because they're bloody fantastic.

Roundhill - Uraga Saii, Ethiopia

Bailies - La Ortiga, Costa Rica
Nearly a year later I'm still shocked I managed to get 1 of the 10 bags released of this coffee, it was INCREDIBLE.

Taylor Street - Ethiopia Hambela
This was absolutely incredible, especially through cold brew 

Red Roaster Coffee - Kinini Washing Station, Rwanda 

The Roasting Party - Costa Rica Jaguar Honey 
My absolute favourite from The Roasting Party! 

Blackbird Coffee - espresso blend - Brazil and Ethiopian

Blue Bottle Coffee - Women of Kinyovu Station, Burundi 
I never did a blog post on this one, and I cant quite remember why, it was absolutely delicious and I cant wait to try more from Blue Bottle! 

The Girl in the Cafe - The Roastery Department - Guatemala
Boy, I'd heard good things about TGITC coffee, but this was amazing! It was featured in the Women of coffee One Click Box 

Randall Coffee - San Lorenzo, Colombia 
read the blog post!

DT Coffee -Brazil 
I've never done a blog post on DT Coffee even though Dhan is one of my favourite people, 2020 is the year for that I feel! 

Ineffable Coffee Roasters - Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Kenya
read the blog post!

Django Coffee - Los Robles, West Valley Costa Rica
I've had the pleasure of drinking a lot of coffees from Django recently and they are smashing it!
read the blog post!

Crankhouse Coffee - Kunjin 
read the blog post! 

Bonanza Coffee Roasters - Uragi Samii, Ethiopia 
This was a brew box special I received and it was delicious! 
read the blog post! 

Manumit - Budwale, Uganda
I love, love, love manumit! 
read the blog post! 

Origin - Bushekeri Lot 1, Rwanda
This was super delicious! 
read the blog post! 

Colonna - Twongerekawa Coco, Rwanda
read the blog post! 

River Coffee 
I love the high standards of river coffee, especially throughout 2019/20 they've been producing some amazing coffees!! 

1. Mantin Vega - Ecuador

2. Source Espresso - Colombia, Nicaragua 

3. Sugar Cane Decaf - Colombia (still one of my favourite decafs!!!)

Yawn Coffee Co - Advent Calendars 2018+2019

I had a few packs of the yawn calendar from 2018 left, as well as having the 2019 one. 
I probably wont be having a Yawn Advent Calendar this year, but you can check out the blog posts I did on them in 2018 and 2019 


Plot Roasters - Ultility, Huamantanga, Peru
I remember this being one of the first coffees that made me believe I knew how to taste coffee correctly (don't ask my logic, it's just a special coffee)
read the blog post! 

Perky Blenders - Forest Blend 
I picked up this little sample pack from London Coffee Festival and really enjoyed it! (look out for more Perky Blenders in the other posts!)

Gentleman Baristas - Gatsby, El Salvador 
I have been LOVING Gentleman Baristas, and this was one of the first I actually got to try.
read the blog post! 

Moon Roast 
I feel like I'm a bit biased towards Moon Roast now-a-days however they have been producing some INCREDIBLE coffees - they are also featured in another empties post. 

1+2 - Peru, El Huerto - Riveria Martines Santos
read the blog post! 

3. Kenya Kaganda AB
UGH SO MUCH TO SAY ON THIS COFFEE!! If you're to try any coffee from MoonRoast, please let it be this one, I'll shout it from the rooftops, it's that good! 
Blogpost coming soon! 

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