Untold Coffee Box 6

That's right, it's that time of the month where we talk about the Untold Coffee Monthly Subscription, and after my last posts, I've had a few messages asking if I am sponsored, or sent these boxes every month to review on here. To clear up - The answer is no, I just love the idea of subscription boxes, and sharing them and what I think of them - and although I have got a few posts coming up with coffee's that I have been sent/given, I will always write if I have been gifted the coffee, but with the Untold Coffee box, I pay every month to have this delicious box delivered to my door. 

Now that long intro is done, we can get into the Coffee Box.

 Box number 6 contained 3 coffees:
2 x 200g bags from Untold Coffee Roasters
1 x 100g bag from River Coffee Roasters

As usual I used the same recipes for all 3 brews

23g of coffee
300g of water at 90 degrees
Ratio of 1:13
30 second bloom
Total brew time 3 minutes

The first coffee I tried was the River Coffee Ethiopian

Uraga Samii Washing Station
Guji Region Ethiopia
Varietal - Heirloom
Process - Washed
Flavours - Earl Grey, Peach, Red Grape

Aromas - Tea, bergamot tones,hints of fruit

Tastes - Grape acidity, hints of bergamot, and fruity flavour left on tongue
Tastes sort of like a light syrup-y tea, really delicious

The second coffee obviously from Untold was the Brazilian

Region - Illcnea, Sul De Minas, Brazil
Varietal - Yellow Catuai
Process - Natural
Flavours - Strawberries, Cream and Milk Chocolate

(will there ever be an Untold Coffee blog post without me missing a photo? no one knows)

Tastes - Deep chocolate notes, smooth and sweet with no bitterness and very low acidity level.
More subtle berry hints as it cools down, very delicious smooth coffee

The last coffee from the box was the Untold Rwandan

Region - Cyarumbo Estate, Huye District, Rwanda
Varietal - Bourbon
Process - Washed
Flavours - Caramel, Lemongrass, Vanilla, Grapefruit Acidity

Aromas - Hints of black tea aromas

Tastes - Lots of fruity acidity, very citrus-y
Syrup like undertones and becomes more vanilla as cools, with no lingering acidity, another amazing coffee

I know this is slightly behind schedule seeing as I've got one more untold box post to come out before the next one arrives (I'm trying my hardest!!!) but none the less I hope this was an interesting read.

If you would like a code to get your own hands on a club subscription, hit me up on either Instagram or shoot me an email.

Check out Untold Coffee
Website - Here
Instagram - Here
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Ohio Coffee Swap - Mission Coffee Roasters

As well as taking part in Third Wave Wichteln (blog post coming soon) late last year, I did a few private swaps with some of the people from the Facebook group.
One particular swap I did was with a guy from Ohio, and I was super excited when those beans turned up on my door. 

I had been sent an 8oz (can't just weigh in grams, America??) bag of Mission Coffee Company from Colombus, Ohio.

Ipocoara, Brazil
Nilson Aguila
Varietal - Catuai 144
Process - Natural + Pulped Natural
Taste Notes - Cocoa, Graham Cracker, Cherry 

Now I'm not going to lie and tell you that I didn't have to Google what the hell a Graham Cracker was which apparently the UK equivalent is Digestives and Rich Tea biscuits combined .. Interesting

I've researched more into Mission Coffee Roasters, and it is definitely on my list of companies to order from again in the future.

"For the dreamers that become doers. For the explorers, the creatives and the storytellers. We learn and grow so you can experience great coffee all the time. We stand firm in our commitment to quality and excellence, from the farm to your cup. We devote ourselves to craftsmanship, collaboration and education."

Coffee is our daily adventure and you are invited.

I've brewed this coffee several times playing around with the recipe, and every single one comes out delicious, but I've finally found my favourite.

Brewed through a V60
24g of coffee
275ml of water
25 second bloom
2 minutes and 45 second full brew time

Every brew I made the result would be super chocolatey, the chocolate notes in this coffee is actually insane.

Through this specific brew -
Super dark intense cacao notes, with sour stone fruit undertones, very prominent fruity acidity, but so, so delicious.
I normally include the taste notes as it cools, but I'm not going to lie, it was always drunk before it even got the chance to cool down.

If you're looking to branch out with roasters around the world, I'd definitely recommend checking out Mission Coffee - I know I'm making an order very soon.

during various taste tests

Where to find Mission Coffee Co

Website - here
Instagram - here
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Facebook - here
Blog - here

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Girls Who Grind Coffee - Honduras Microlot

Well it's certainly been a hot minute since I've blogged about Girls Who Grind Coffee 
And I'm actually very late in blogging this beauty, as it's one of the ones I purchased in late 2018 - but better late than never right?

Los Limos, Corquin, Copan Finca San Rafael
Macerated Natural / Organic Parainema
Complex and Floral, Mango and Passionfruit Pavlova.
Good Vibes Only

Grown by Norma Iris Fiallos on her farm in a pine forest.
Click here to find out more about Norma and her farm

The Recipe I Used - 

I've also been playing around with an app called Coppee and I'm going to do a full blog posts on coffee apps soon.

I've been loving playing around with v60 recipes recently, and every recipe I've tried with the Honduras comes out pretty beautiful

(please ignore the fact I'm still wearing christmas pyjamas)

Super fruity, tangy and sour cherry notes, with aromatic floral notes.
Deep and dark fruity notes with next to no acidity, even when cooled.
A really bold coffee, super delicious, a really good pick-me-up.

2019 is going to be another awesome year for the girls, and I am so excited to watch them grow further into their amazing coffee journey, if somehow you've never checked them out you can find them linked below.

Where To Find Girls Who Grind Coffee

Website - here
Instagram - here
Twitter - here

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