Bad Hand Coffee - Rwanda

Another coffee roasters that is always on my go to list is Band Hand Coffee - roasted in Bournemouth it's another roastery that is super close to my home and they also hold some pretty sick latte art throwdowns.

One coffee that they kindly gave me after their last throwdown (yup, that's how long this blog post has been sat in my drafts!!) was this super gorgeous Rwandan

As soon as you open the bag you get the super fruity and floral scents - which sets you up for how delicious the coffee is going to be.

The beans -

Rwanda - Gatare Lot 23
Varietal - Red Bourbon
Process - Natural
Taste Notes - Plum, Vanilla, Fig, Dark Chocolate 

Brewed through V60 (which I favoured over aeropress!!) 

18g of coffee
300ml of water
2 minute 45 second total brew
25 second bloom with 75ml of water

Ratio of 1:16 

The aroma's whilst brewing are sweet and fruity - much like the taste notes of the coffee, its super light, fruity and syrup-like, as it cooled it had more notes of chocolate, with some dark chocolate acidity when cooler. 
This is a super delicious light brew and perfect for when you need a super fruity pick me up 

Bad had have some amazing coffees on offer, from blends, single origins and decaf - and what I love about Bad Hand is that they also supply their coffee to zero waste stores, where you can go in with your own jars and buy coffee's that way - I haven't bought any of my own yet, but I'll be sure to when I'm low on coffee. Making it accessible in zero waste stores is an incredible step to introducing people outside of the coffee industry, to amazing coffee

Find Bad Hand Coffee here

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