Did We Do It?

A lot happened in May, and blogging everyday was certainly mostly one of them!
Throughout all the month, the different upload time, the general brain fog, the forgetting to push the publish button and forgetting 5 times in a row (actually happened at the end of the month oops) and a lot of breakdowns later - did we do it? Eh, mostly .. I'm proud of how far I managed to get through, and that's what counts right? 

But now it's over what's going to be happening in June?

I'm going to be taking a lovely 1 week break (ish) from blogging - and here's what blog posts to be expecting in June

- One Click Coffee Box
- Dog & Hat
- Untold Coffee (THE RETURN!!!)
- Birmingham Coffee Festival
- ECOcoffee

Plus maybe a few extra little posts 

I hope you enjoyed Blogging Everyday In May, all 23 days of it, and maybe next year we'll actually complete it (third times the charm right?) 

The Coffee Life

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