Goals For Being 21

It's that time of year again (have I said this sentence on every BEDIM this year? Probably) but, it's that time of year again that I'm thinking about everything I want to achieve whilst I'm 21.

At the end of this blog post, I'm also going to go through all of the goals I set up last year and see what I did and didn't do, so stay tuned for that. 

- Continue The Coffee Life (and Co) and continue blogging what I love

- Go on more adventures, even to places local that I haven't been too

- To not be afraid of self promotion and really put myself out there 

- To overcome depression, again.
I'm back in therapy and working through some things, but I'm sure in time, I'll be fine

- For my health to be good again (after a few surgeries in July)

- To take my fitness to a whole new level

- Start YouTube - something I've always wanted to do

- Move out, and stay out 

- To journal every month, and keep on top of weekly journalling

- To learn to be grateful for everything that happens, good or bad 

- To learn something new, every month

Now to revisit last years goals, and see if I achieved anything of what I set out to do.

You can check out last years post here

Continue blogging what I love, whether that be coffee, lifestyle and all the rest in between

This has definitely been happening, especially in 2019, I have found a new love for my blog and everything that I write about I love and I am proud of. 

Road trip to new places, either alone or with friends

Also another one that mostly happened. Not enough road trips, but definitely back on the list for this year.

Travel to another country, alone, just because

Not too long ago! Amsterdam on my own (it counts even though I met Izzy over there!!)

 Run a (half) marathon - setting the goal of half because lets be real, i'll probably need a lot more training for a full one, maybe when I'm 21

Hahaha, I can safely say as far as I got was a 5k on a treadmill. Definitely one for a later year, not even going to bother putting it on this years goals.

Speaking of exercise, get fully back into the gym, without excuses

YES!!! I actually did this one, but this year I want to hit it harder than ever. 

Do and complete another online course

I completed the one I was doing at the time of writing those goals, that counts right? 

Listen to podcasts instead of music (and keep track of what podcasts i've listened too)

Another big YES! although I haven't been tracking them as such, I do have my podcasts that I specifically listen to every single week.

Write handwritten letters more 

Yes and no on this one.

 Be present with friends and family - try and rebuild the family connections i've lost through being a bit of a dick

I'd love to say that I tried on this one, which in most ways I did. But not enough

Complete my good-reads book challenge for 2018, i was really good between January and March, but it's taken a back seat 

Safe to say, I completed reading 12 books! I even did 16! and this year I set my challenge at 20. 

Say yes to more opportunities

Its definitely another yes and no situation for this one. 

Let's hope I can smash all of the goals I want to achieve whilst I'm 21, I'm sure you'll see if I did or not in next years post. 

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