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One Click Coffee Box 3

Were already on box number 3 from One Click Coffee Box and do they keep getting better and better? Yes they do

April's box including 2 delicious coffees from Gentleman's Barista and Randall Coffee and also included a mini Loveramics spoon (it's that small that even I can pretend that I'm a giant with a normal sized spoon, anyone else? Just me? Probably) 

This months newspaper was a really interesting read including interviews with both Gentleman's Barista and Randall Coffee and including a brewing guide for a chorreador - I mean I was confused to - from what I read, it's a brewing method that resembles a sock. That's right, a sock. 
A chorreador is a Costa Rican traditional coffee making device which uses hot water passing through the coffee grounds which are held in a cloth filter which is usually propped on a wooden stand 

So lets get into the coffees 

I decided to mix it back up and do what I used to do by comparing brews through V60 and Aeropress (sometimes I forget I have an aeropress because I use my V60 everyday) 

Gentleman's Barista
El Salvador 
Origin - Apaneca Ilamatepec - Mountain Range
Process - Natural
Variety - Red Bourbon
Altitude - 1350 - 1450 masl 
Taste Notes - Cacao, Orange Zest, Cherry Liqueur 

V60 Brew
(Top coffee)

19g Coffee
2 minute 30 seconds total brew time
including 30 second bloom
250ml Water

Taste - Sour stone fruit, with underlying citrus acidity
As cooled, more dark chocolate full bodied notes 

Aeropress Brew
(Bottom coffee)

14g Coffee
2 minute 30 second total brew time
including 35 second bloom

Taste - A huge prominent cherry brew, with such fruity hints throughout and a citrus acidity, getting more citrus-y as it cooled

Randall Coffee
San Lorenzo
Altitude - 1600 - 2200m
Variety - Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Process - Wet Process
Harvest - 2018
Taste Notes - Chocolate, Cherry, Hops, Sultanas

V60 Brew 
(Top coffee)

19g Coffee
250ml Water
2 Minutes 30 Second total brew time
Including 30 second bloom

Taste - Super fruity and syrup like acidity, with subtle floral notes and more underlying chocolate notes as it cooled

Aeropress Brew
(Bottom coffee) 

14g Coffee
2 minute 35 Second total brew time
Including 30 second bloom

Taste - Darker full bodied brew, with lots of chocolate notes and cacao acidity, subtle nutty notes whilst it cooled

I really enjoyed both of these coffees this month, if you're also a subscriber of One Click Coffee Sub boxes let me know what you thought! 

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