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Worlds Largest Coffee Tasting 2020

 Now, this post is a bit later than I would've liked, since the official event happened nearly a week ago - but in true Jass fashion, I had tonsillitis when it took place (typically) so I missed it. HOWEVER, we finally took part in the Worlds Largest Coffee Tasting (at 9pm, a perfect time to cup coffee) 

It was finally time to crack open this bad boy of a box, after screaming at people not to rip the sticker because "it hasn't been photographed" (blogger problems, right?)

  After a quick set up, grinding the samples and popping the kettle on. We were ready and raring to go.

Before grinding, we started on the aroma section of our taste sheets.

We did a typical cupping of 12gr of coffee to around 200gr of water which the card in the box recommended. 

Like James said - we poured sample E pretty slowly, as it reacted super differently to the others (which would all be revealed later!) 

We left it for about 4 minutes before breaking the crust, essentially just following along with James in his live-stream



Coffee A - On the tasting papers we used, we had a scale between "low and high" for aromas, both of us scored it in between the middle and high point - it had some gorgeous smelling citrus aromatics in there

Coffee B - More around the mid section we put this on aroma - some really nice fruit notes (but not citrus!) 

Coffee C - We rated this quite low on the aroma side, only small hints of floral punched through.

Coffee D - Another in between middle and high, had some absolutely incredible aromatics on this one, and we were definitely most excited to try this one after smelling. 

Coffee E - Admittedly, I knew what this one was, it was the only one I'd managed to not avoid spoilers for.. and it was definitely an interesting one to pour into. 
It had an aroma that can only be described as charred meat... not something you typically look for in coffee, for sure. 


Coffee A - We rated this coffee quite low on acidity, it had some really nice citrus acidity which matched up perfectly with the aroma.

Coffee B - More of a medium acidity on coffee B compared to A, but again was very welcomed with the taste.

Coffee C - Coffee C was another low rating on acidity, slightly more of a floral acidity.

Coffee D - A medium acidity, quite tropical fruit like (along the pineapple route) 

Coffee E - Unshockingly quite a high acidity on this one, but mainly just an overwhelming taste of wood.


Coffee A - Coffee A had a medium-ish sweetness to it, definitely more citrus sweet than berry sweet

Coffee B - Another medium sweetness, but more berry sweet.

Coffee C - Coffee C had a gorgeous sweetness to it, definitely more in between citrus and berry.

Coffee D - Again, another medium sweetness, super fruity sweetness

Coffee E - Yeah, were not even going to go into the sweetness on this one.


We both found coffees A-D medium bodied - again Coffee E was an interesting one, super thick body, but not in the nicest way.


Coffee A - Coffee A had a super citrus acidity with some chocolatey undertones

Coffee B - Coffee B had more berry notes than citrus (like Coffee A) with some stone fruit hints, and nutty tones.

Coffee C - Coffee C had both sweet and earthy tones to it, with a super delicious floral finish.

Coffee D - Coffee D had a definite tropical fruit punch, delicious

Coffee E -  Well, what to say about Coffee E - it definitely wasn't to our tastes, HOWEVER, I would love to do more research and tasting of this varietal.

 Before we found out what the mysterious coffees were we took a guess as to what they might be (clearly.. we are not experts)

Coffee A
Jass - Brazil
Dom - African (very specific, I know)

Coffee B 
Jass - Colombia
Dom - Colombia

Coffee C
Jass - Ethiopia/Kenya
Dom - Kenya

Coffee D
Jass - Guatemala/Costa Rica
Dom - Costa Rica

So, big reveal... What are the mysterious 5 coffees?

Coffee A - La Bolsa, Guatemala
Region - Huehuetenango
Producer - Maria Vides
Varieties - Caturra, Bourbon
Process - Washed
Altitude - 1800 MASL
Taste Notes - Orange, Chocolate, Sultana

Coffee B - El Vendaval, Costa Rica
Region - Tarrazu
Producer - Ricardo Calderon
Variety - Catuai
Process - White Honey
Altitude - 1900 MASL
Taste Notes - Peach, Hazelnut, Caramel

Coffee C - Aricha, Ethiopia
Region - Yirgacheffe
Producers - Various Smallholders
Varieties - Regional Landraces
Process - Washed
Altitude - 1850-1880 MASL
Taste Notes - Orange, Raspberry, Rose

Coffee D - Refisa, Ethiopia
Region - West Arsi
Producers - Various Smallholders
Varieties - Welisho, Kurume
Process - Natural
Taste Notes - Strawberry, Cream, Orange Blossom

Coffee E - Kaweri Turaco, Uganda
Region - Mubende
Variety - Robusta
Process - Washed
Altitude - 1200-1350 MASL


Jass - Coffee C&D

Dom - Coffee C

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different blog post, it's been a hoot to write, should I do more cuppings on The Coffee Life?

Don't forget to check out all the links down below.

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Taking Care Of Your Mental Health Post Lockdown

 I wrote a post during May about Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During Lockdown, and the response to it was INCREDIBLE.

I don't think I've ever had so much interaction on one singular blog post before. 

But as lockdowns have eased, and people are getting back to their daily lives, I thought I'd do a little update post about taking care of your mental health, post lockdown. 

The world we live in right now is a weird one, with new norms of wearing face masks everywhere, carrying huge amounts of hand sanitiser everywhere, and generally being more cautious of everyday life, still while battling the daily struggles of the dreaded 'rona.

Like my last post, routines are a big thing. Getting back into general routines of life, with the added extra cautionary measures were all having to take. So here's some tips about taking care of your mental health post lockdown. 

(Please note, I am not claiming to be an expert in Mental Health, I am just someone who has struggled with mental health issues both in the past and currently)

Keeping up Routines

In my previous post, I raved about the importance of having routines.

Personally when I have day to day routines I feel a lot more balanced in my moods, I also feel like having a morning routine sets me up for a good day, and having a night routine gives me a better nights sleep.

Morning Routine 

My favourite thing recently has been waking up and immediately brewing a good cup of coffee (who's shocked) - throughout lockdown, I really lost my love for coffee, which was devastating. However, I've been making more of an effort to get up 10 minutes earlier to properly brew a good cup of coffee, and sit down and properly enjoy it. Getting my tastes for coffee back slowly. 

Try and find something that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning, it could be having a dance party (boy, sometimes it's needed), it could be something as simple as a skincare routine that you know will wake you up immediately. 

Evening Routine

Settling down with a good book and a cup of tea (usually earl grey!) is one of the best ways for me to calm down after a long day. I've really re-found my love for reading this year, and have read some incredible books (I even wrote a blog post about it - read that here). I try to stay off my phone as much as possible, otherwise I will be stuck in a Tik-Tok loop for hours on end (throwback to me spending 6 hours on it the first day I downloaded it, shameful)

Find something that calms you down at the end of the day, create a routine that makes you excited to do, knowing you'll get an amazing sleep after. 

Self Care

I'm a big advocate for self care.

Self care is an incredible thing that is 100% needed, and 100% underrated. 

Whether it's taking a walk, phoning a friend, having a little self pamper or even going out and treating yourself - self care looks different to everyone. No two people see self care in the same light, everyone is unique in what they feel self care looks like to them.

Spend some time getting to know yourself, getting to know what self care looks like to you. 


Throughout lockdown I found my love for cooking again, cooking up some absolute bangers.

Banana Loaf and Bread making was all the rage throughout lockdown, but for some just making a healthy home cooked meal can be incredible calming and soothing - with takeaways not being as accessible as they were beforehand, and drive-throughs closed (or immensely busy now they've reopened) cooking was something that pretty much every household had to do.

Post lockdown, now that things have started reopening, I've still been making the effort to cook after a long day at work, rather than just opening the JustEat app and ordering a takeaway. 

Still taking advantage of the outside

Back in Lockdown we were allowed 1 walk a day, and as someone who loves the outdoors, I took advantage of that when I could. 

Now that lockdowns have eased, I'm still outside whenever I can be - taking walks, having coffee outside, reading outside. It's that little boost of serotonin that we all need. 

 Realising that doing nothing is OK

Now that we're starting to get used to the new norm of life, it's hard to even go onto social media without being bombarded with amazing things that people are doing. You end up comparing yourself to others, and how little you seem to be doing in comparison to them

But it's ok to not do anything. It's ok to catch up on sleep on your days off (I mean who wakes up at 5am on the days they're not working?!) It's ok if the only thing you achieved in the day is getting out of bed and making a cup of tea (or coffee in my case) 

It's unrealistic to expect to have motivation every minute of everyday to get up and do stuff - just don't be so hard on yourself.


Don't check the news every minute of everyday

I was that person looking at the updates of Coronavirus and all the other awful things going on in the world every minute of the day - and one day it clicked, it isn't necessary to do that. 

Keeping updated with the latest information is important, yes. But I know only check once maybe twice a day. Because in short, it's anxiety inducing - I found myself not wanting to do anything, not wanting to go outside, not wanting to talk to people because I was horrified of how awful the world is in 2020. However since I've reduced the amount that I look at the news, I find myself not obsessing over things that are very much out of my control.

Down Time Watching/Reading/Listening

I'm a sucker for some good down time, and with the amount of options that are now out in the world to watch/read/listen, it would be rude not to take advantage of these. 

I thought I'd run down a few of my favourites

- Crazy Ex Girlfriend
- Come Dine with me (absolute classic) 
- Modern Family
- Friends (another classic)

- Greys Anatomy
- The Office US
- Some Girls (an absolute throwback)
- Wild at Heart (another absolute throwback)
- Supernatural 

BorrowBox (Books!)
- Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman
- The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins
- Normal People by Sally Rooney
- Help Me! by Marianne Power 
- How to Come Alive Again by Beth McColl

Spotify Podcasts
- Counter Clock (True Crime)
- Shagged, Married, Annoyed (Absolutely hilarious)
- Office Ladies (Reliving the US Office)
- Straight and Curly (Self Help & Advice)
- Crime Junkie (True Crime)
- Crime After Crime (True Crime)
- Natural Disasters (Educational)
- Sleepy (Sleep Help)
- Scare You To Sleep (alternative sleep help if you like scary stories)

Keeping in Touch

I will be the first to admit that I am the worst at keeping in touch with people if I'm having a bad day - but we all know that reaching out to loved ones and friends will always make you feel better, even if it's just a quick text or phone call

Make sure you're keeping in touch with people, check in on your friends and family. They need you as much as you need them. 

Check in with yourself

Another amazing thing you can do to help your mental health is taking the time to check in with yourself, how you are feeling, what worries or concerns you have and what you can do to combat that - where is your anxiety, where do you feel it in your body and what can you do to make yourself feel better?

We all know to check in on friends and family, but how many of us check in with ourselves?

Take care, stay safe.

If you are still in lockdown, or just want to read my last post that I did about Taking Care of your Mental Health in Lockdown you can read that here

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