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Wild Heart Coffee - Nicaragua

 If you remember a blog post from last year on Wild Heart Coffee via Dog and Hat (read that post here!), you'll know how much I fell in love with their experimental coffees that of course I had to purchase some more. 

This is one of two coffees I picked up from them, so look out for another blog post soon!

Who are Wild Heart Coffee?

"After starting roasting in Northern Ireland, at home, in a custom built roasting device for a rotisserie oven back in 2016... it's safe to say Sam has come a long way.

After a couple of aborted attempts to launch Wild Heart, Sam finally took the plunge at the end of 2019 ready to launch in April of 2020, which obviously posed a number of challenges as the first national Covid lockdown came into effect.

Undeterred, the first bags of coffee rolled out of the Roastery in May 2020 and the adventure continues. It's great to see Wild Heart is growing nicely and is already a team of three.

As for coffee, Sam has a real eye for the more unusual side of things and you'll regularly see experimental processing and rare lots on the Wild Heart menu.

Roaster - Giesen

The Coffee

"The Peralta Family coffee-growing history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, but it was only in 2008 that brothers Julio and Octavio shifted focus to developing unique specialty preparations. From single plot, single varietal separations to carefully controlled extended fermentations, the Peralta family continue to position themselves at the forefront of specialty coffee innovation.

This lot was produced using natural process with an extended anaerobic fermentation. First, ripe cherries are sorted and washed. Afterward, they are introduced into airtight 450L tanks to ferment for up to 72 hours in an anaerobic environment. To lower the temperature down to approximately 15 degrees Celsius, the tanks are placed inside water-filled fermenting pools to slow the fermentation and avoid spoilage or risk of taints for 72 hours. After the fermentation period is finished, the cherries are taken out of the tank and transported to the dry mill for the drying process which may take up to 30 days. Initially, the cherries are spread on a single layer for a three day period to allow them to shed off the excess water. Once the excess water is eliminated and the cherries begin to dry, these are placed on the covered drying beds for the remainder of the drying period. The cherries are moved by hand three times a day to allow them to dry evenly and prevent mould of over-fermentation.

The El Bosque farm is situation in the San Fernando, Nueva Segovia Region of Nicaragua, close to the Honduras border. The farm is nestled within lush dense forest and rolling hills, making this a prime specialty coffee country. Nicaragua has a long history with coffee but over the past few years has become increasingly well know for top specialty coffee, due to the influence of producers like Julio and Octavio.

The Beans

Farm: Finca el Bosque

Origin: San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Varietal: Catuai

Altitude: 1250-1560 MASL

Taste: Winey, Fruity, Funky

Let's Brew!

Brewer: V60

Recipe: 15g/225g 

3 Minute Total Brew Time

Ratio: 1:15


This coffee definitely lived up to the funky wine vibes promised - HOT DAMN this was an incredible brew.

White wine vibes all the way through this cup, with some super zesty undertones and a super prominent lemon acidity, it was so crazy to be tasting such vibrant and different notes to coffees that aren't experimentally processed. 

This bag went down way quicker than I'd ever like to admit, but damn it was so worth it. 

This coffee is still available to purchase through the Wild Heart Website - grab a bag here!

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