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Anxiety and Self Promotion

It's no secret at all that I am shocking at self promotion, which in turn, makes me a terrible business woman and not to mention blogger.
I even made it a goal this year to get better at self promotion - but almost 6 months in, nothing has changed and I am just as bad.

I find it really difficult to believe in my work, believe that it's good enough to share, and believe that no one will judge me for putting out the work I do.

My anxiety has definitely been higher since I've started my Blog Everyday In May because I'm really having to push myself to promote my blog every way possible, not to get validation but because I am proud of what I am achieving by blogging everyday.

I've spoken to quite a few people, not just in the coffee industry but other bloggers and "influencers" and I am shocked at how many people also feel the same about how anxiety affects the way they can self promote - to the point where some people even feel embarrassed about there work, and trust me when I say I've been there, done that, deleted the posts

So I'm setting a challenge, for myself - but if you find yourself like me, struggling with self promotion, have a crack at this challenge, we can surprise ourselves just by our mindsets. 

1. Have no ZERO days - what I mean by "zero days" is having no days where you haven't done one single thing towards self promotion - this can be a simple tweet, an Instagram post or even a pin for Pinterest 

2. Keep a journal on positive things, positive notes and feedback you've received from people commenting on your work - this could be on a product, on a blog post, or an Instagram

3. Positive affirmations about your business - there are so many boards on Pinterest dedicated to business affirmations, and this could be as simple as "my business is doing well today" 

4. Remember that your mindset is everything - if you believe something you've created is crap, and you don't pour your whole entire heart into it, it'll show. Be positive about what you're creating, pour love, and put your entire heart and soul into it, and truly believe that you are making yourself proud, and you will be 

5. The only thing that is stopping you is fear - don't fight fear, but learn to look past it

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The Best Coffee Apps You Need

Finding a great app is like finding a needle in a haystack now-a-days - finding a good coffee app, now that's even harder

But over the last year I've made it my mission to find a small handful of some of the best coffee apps out there - so here is a small list of 4 of the best coffee apps that YOU need 

We'll start off with the Best Coffee App

Best Coffee App

*taken from the best coffee app store description*
Overview: Good Coffee Only
Best Coffee is your trusted guide to the speciality scene. We know that you value your time and your money and this app will show you at a glance all the cafes near you that serve coffee worth seeking out.
With reviews, maps and news. Best Coffee is here to ensure that coffee never leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. You can relax in the knowledge that our experts have tested every cafe listed, gathering all the information you need. We have regular updates and new cafes are listed all the time.

How much is the app? 
The app has both free features as well as having the option to upgrade to premium 

Free options features:
- Search cafes near you
- Filter results by personalised preferences 
- Read cafe reviews by professional writers
- Browse news and features written by coffee experts

Premium options - £2.99 a year - (that's right, a year!!!)
- Explore close to 2000 cafes in cities around the world
- Save and share favourites with friends 
- Enjoy cafe promotions designed to surprise and delight you

The Best Coffee app is a must have if you travel and love exploring new coffee shops, but also like to know what to expect when you walk in (I am definitely that person) - it's super helpful in every aspect, letting you know which cafes have good options for what you're looking for, from if it serves decaf, has dairy free options and even what kind of machine and grinder the cafe uses.
It is well worth the £2.99 every year! 

Barista On Tap

*taken from the barista on tap app store description* 
Connecting speciality coffee shops with highly skilled baristas.
Tailored especially for the speciality coffee industry Baristas On Tap is the best place to access fully trained baristas to cover the gaps in your rota.
If you're a coffee shop, you can use the app by following the simple steps - Upload one or more of your shops to the app and book as many shifts that are needed.
Receive updates instantly when a barista picks up your open shift.
When the shift is completed you can help improve the service by rating your barista to ensure a high quality of service is delivered at all times.
If you've enjoyed using a specific barista you can book that same person again at the end of their shift.
Use the app to view, download, and manage your invoices.
If you're a barista you can use the app by following the simple steps - Upload your CV and wait to be approved. Someone from the team will be in touch if there are any issues.
Receive updates instead when customer posts an open shift.
Before taking a shift you can view the location, equipment and coffee you will be using.
When the shift is completed you can help improve the service by rating your experience to ensure a high quality of service is delivered at all times.
Use the app to generate and then view, download or manage your invoices.

As a barista, I think this app is the most incredible invention for the ever-growing coffee industry - and as someone who eventually wants to step away from full time cafe work and dabble a bit with freelance sometime in the future, and what a way to do it. 
I cant wait for this app to come to the south-west because you best believe I'll be using the app to its full potential instead of wishing I lived closer to where all the action is happening. 
All you need to sign up is your CV and a few details, it's an incredible app with so many amazing opportunities

Coppee Timer

*taken from the coppee app store description*
Create and run your favourite coffee recipes with this intuitive coffee timer.
Eliminate variables and master the craft with Coppee - Coffee Timer.
- Custom coffee recipes
- Included coffee recipes for V60, chemex, aeropress, french press and moka pot
- Touch-based coffee timer controls

- Create recipes, create your own custom coffee recipes, or choose from a set of included coffee recipes for your favourite brewing devices
- Customise, find the perfect coffee to water ratio, grind size, and water temperature. Name and describe each recipe step and set the runtime
- Run, a touch based coffee timer allows you to easily start and pause. It also guides you along the brewing process.

You can also pay £1.49 to remove ads from the app

If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know I rely heavily on the app- it's super simple and easy to use, and for storing recipes, it's a god-send. I love to play around with recipes, seeing what coffee/water ratios and timings work best, and being able to store and run coffees on this app has made my life a hell of a lot easier. 

Coffee Flavour Wheel

*taken from the coffee flavour wheel app store description*
Barista grade coffee flavour wheel in tree format.
This is an easy to use, simple to understand coffee flavour wheel thanks to the Speciality Coffee Association of America.
The app is free to use. The information is extracted from Coffee Taster's Flavour Wheel (2016) and World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon (first edt. 2016) from SCAA and WCR

You can pay £0.69 to remove ads on the app

This app is everything it says on the tin - and despite being a very simple app, it is so incredibly helpful, it's always handy to have a flavour wheel accessible when you're tasting coffee. In fact I rely on it, if I'm tasting a coffee and struggling to determine specific hints, I go straight to this app, go to the section I know I'm tasting and go down the list to determine what flavour I'm tasting.
If you're a barista, or a general coffee snob this is a must have coffee app!

Do you have any coffee apps you swear by? Let me know in the comments, or over on Instagram 

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