Beans Coffee Box - Outpost Coffee - BEDIM Day 6

It's been a while since we've talked about Beans Coffee Club, and this is actually the last post we will see of them for a while (boooo, sad face) 
However I'm sure some time in the future they will return on The Coffee Life! 

In the last Beans Coffee Box, we received an Ethiopian from Outpost Coffee.

I'd never tried Outpost before so of course, I put on my research hat and got to work. 

Outpost are speciality coffee roasters and explorers of exceptional tastes.
"Our commitment to total quality extends into providing a personal and devoted wholesale service, supporting like-minded coffee retailers who sharing our values and goals.
We're here to: 
-Provide better pay and support for growers, who are committed to growing stand out coffees, through good farming and processing practises.
-Carefully select great lots and roast in-house in Nottingham, England.
-Invest in the training and development of industry professionals and our partners.
-Support with equipment selection and maintenance." 

The Beans 

Chire Washing Station 
Process: Fully Washed 
Altitude: 2000MASL
Taste Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Peach 

The Brew

17g of Coffee
275ml of Water 
30 Second Bloom with Agitation - 30g of Water
Total Brew Time 3 Minute 30 Seconds

Taste Notes - This brew has very subtle syrup-y tea notes paired with sweet peach notes. It had super floral aromas, and a citrus acidity as it cooled down.
It was a delicious morning coffee, as it gave off those light flavours that I prefer early in the morning than the heavier more chocolate notes in the afternoon. 

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