Symposium Coffee - BEDIM Day 17

In April, I got contacted on Instagram from the lovely guys over at Symposium Coffee Roasters about their East African Coffees, they asked if I would like to try out a bag, and of course after reading some great information on their website, I said yes! 

So, who are Symposium Coffee Roasters? 

Symposium Coffee Roasters was founded by Steven Sheard and Philip Oliver in 2020. 
Steven has studied Philosophy at Birkbeck University of London, spent several years in the British Army and briefly worked in Sales. Steven has seen active service in; Afghanistan, training exercises in: East Africa, North America and Europe while in the forces.
Philip has spent the majority of his working career in Business, during his youth he spent time in Zimbabwe which has created a lasting impression.
Their main focus are East African Coffees.
East African Coffees are complex and fruity, the tasting notes can feel more like a fine wine due to the terrior. We control the roasting process which affects acidity, sweetness and bitterness bean flavours. We seek to balance these three aspects through carefully controlled use of heat and timing to produce a cup that is light and refreshing.

The Beans
South Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo - Arroresso, Bona Zuria. Washing/Milling Station
Varietal: Arabica Heirloom
Altitude: 1500-2200 MASL
Harvest: October to December
Process: Washed
  • Situated in the southern part of Ethiopia, Sidama is a very mountainous region with ample rainfall, good temperature and rich soils. This provides beans of a Grade 1 standard and has the ideal balance of acidity and body. Sidama is great filter coffee where its true colours show.

The Brew
17g of Coffee
250g of Water
3 Minute Total Brew Time
30 Second Bloom with Agitation

This coffee was super sweet and plum-y, with a delicious bright and floral acidity. Medium bodied, it only got sweeter and juicier as it cooled down with a lighter acidity.
This would be one a coffee that would be perfect afternoon coffee.
I really enjoy Ethiopians, and this was definitely no exception. Symposium are doing a fantastic job roasting coffee to near enough perfection.

Find Symposium Coffee

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