Baristas in Lockdown - BEDIM Day 13

Being a Barista is hard at the best of times - let alone when there is a global pandemic and most of us have been furloughed. 

It's been tough taking a break from slinging espresso's all day, as I'm sure it has been for a lot of you. As Baristas we never really tend to take extended periods of time off, it's a new thing to us to be out of work with nothing to do (and it's not like we can work from home!!!) - so what can we do? 

Find the masses of online coffee communities. 

Across social media platform, mainly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, there are incredible amounts of people who want to talk about coffee all day. 
Facebook groups that you can join, where people share what coffee they're drinking, out of what mug etc. Even if you just like to read to feel connected it's a good way to still feel "in the loop" 
Instagram, I've found, has the biggest and most kind coffee community. It's super easy to find, and super easy to start a conversation on peoples posts. 
A good hashtag to search for at the moment is #brewathome 
Twitter has a hashtag called #coffeetwitter which is filled to the brim with some incredible people in coffee.

Expand your knowledge as a Barista

Barista Hustle are offering a 14 day free trial to their monthly subscription on courses. It's an incredible source for so much valuble information to learn about coffee.
They have an incredible amount of courses on there, Barista courses, Processing courses, Milk courses, etc. There is something for every Barista.
You even get a certificate at the end of every completed course (and if that's not an insentive, I don't know what is)
During this time, it's so easy to just stick on netflix and call it a day, but why not expand your skills? Or touch up on some barista skills you've forgotten? Knowledge is invaluable, and you might as well take some time to do some learning. 

To have so much incredible information so readily available is such a blessing right now, so take advantage of the 14 day free trial, even if you don't continue after the trial period is up.

Barista Hustle Website


Supporting Coffee Roasteries at this time is incredibly important. So why don't you head to your favourite roasters website, click buy on those beans you've been eyeing up and brew them at home.
Start up your own conversation on social media by posting about the coffee you're brewing.

Support the coffee shops that are still open

There are a select few coffee shops that have decided to stay open as take-away only. If you have places close to you that have decided to open, go in, grab a coffee (safely!) or send them a message, ask how they're doing, sometimes they just need some friendly conversation to know that not every angry customer isn't an asshole (a coffee shop in America got pepper sprayed because they wouldn't accept a mans cash because they're card only - DONT BE THAT ASSHOLE) 


Taking care of your mental health during lockdown

I wrote an entire blog post about taking care of your mental health during lockdown, it's important to have routines, take time for yourself, and make sure you're getting outside (hello, serotonin) 

Get on your feet

It's very easy as baristas to see this as "chilled" time, we forget that as soon as we get back to work, we'll be complaining that were not used to being on our feet for 8+ hours a day anymore. So help yourself out, take the time to go for a walk, stretch your legs. 
It'll make the transition back to work much easier. 

Know that this wont last forever - you'll be back slinging spro's, over-caffeinating and eating nothing but left over sandwiches and cakes in no time.

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