Moon Roast - Uganda - BEDIM Day 18

Moon Roast gets talked about A LOT on The Coffee Life, but for very good reason. 

Their consistency to bring out incredible coffees is something you don't see with many coffee companies, so when you find one, you don't let them go (and you blog about them a lot in my experience) 

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Today we're talking about their newest release Uganda - Rwenzori Natural 

More information on the coffee - "To kickstart the 2020 year, we have worked closely with James of Omwani Coffee Co to help search for our next natural processed coffee. He sources some of the best Ugandan coffees to the UK and aims to build long term relationships with farmers. Aiding the farmers with market information, improved prices for better quality and advice on how farmers can improve their primary processing techniques to improve the coffees cup score.
The coffee from lead farmer Kenanga Neckson wowed all of us when it was first sampled and we knew it was the taste we wanted to highlight. The Rwenzoris are famously known as the "Mountains of the Moon" and they stretch for 230km along the Western Uganda border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Farmers harvest their coffees by hand, carefully selecting the ripe cherries. These are then pre-sorted before being placed in a tank of water; those that float are removed, leaving only the best cherries to continue in the process. The cherries are then sun-dried on raised tables inside purpose built poly-tunnels. 
Farmers carefully turn the cherries throughout the day, ensuring uniform drying. Once dried to the required moisture content, the coffee is sorted and processed via the wet mill in Kisinga Town. 
After Processing, the coffee beans then undergo a final check to remove any black beans or defects. The coffee is then bagged and transported to a dry mill in Numanve on the outskirts of Kampala, here it is prepared for export through Mombasa. 
Many farmers choose to sell the fresh cherries after they have been sorted and floated, often with the assistance of the field team based out of Kisinga. This enables farmers to access quick payment for coffee and takes away the risk of processing coffee at their farm, many of whom are not well equipped to dry coffee. The cherries are delivered to the wet mill in Kisinga Town where a team of trained workers are able to carry out the whole process to a high standard.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. The transparency that Moon Roast provide with every coffee is just incredible. 

The Beans

Region: Rwenzori, Western Uganda
Lead Farmer: Kanaga Neckson
Processing Mill: Kisinga Coffee Station
Harvest Period: November/December 2019
Altitude: 1300-1600MASL 
Process: Natural, Sundried inside Poly-Tunnels
Varietals: SL14, SL28
Cup Score: 86
Taste Notes: Mango, Lychee, Pineapple

The Brew

17g of Coffee
250g of Water
3 Minute 15 Second Total Brew Time
30 Second Bloom with Agitation

Taste - This coffee is one that I would describe as a perfect afternoon/early evening coffee - the fruity notes with the great tangy acidity from slight pineapple notes comes through great. A medium bodied cup with some really creamy undertones, it makes for a delicious fruity cup all the way through. Even as it cools it just gets more fruity and delicious.

I also made a batch of cold brew with this one, and let me tell you it's up there with one of the fruitiest cold brews I've ever made. 

Don't forget to check out Moon Roast for some amazing beans.

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