Small Business Coffee Gift Guide 2020 - BEDIM Day 5

Something that is super popular on this blog is my Gift Guide posts, and although I have done about a million at this point, during these hard times I want to focus on helping out small businesses (unlike my other Gift Guides which featured a few) 

Covid-19 has hit business' hard. My business has felt it, my work has felt it, my friends business' have felt it. So if I can do anything to help through a blog post - that would be just incredible. 

If you do purchase anything from this list, please let me know so I can send you a personal thank you for supporting small business' through these challenging times. 

If you want to find some super good small coffee roasters who are still roasting, please go over to my other blog post - here

Fuelled By Caffeine

Now I know I plug Izzy a lot, however I will continue to plug Izzy until the day I die. 

Fuelled by Caffeine have recently had some guest designs on their t-shirts, with 50% of profits going towards BaristaCare Packages - and if that's not a good incentive to check out her shop, I don't know what is. 

Also how cute are these pins? Go get yourself one! 

The Coffee Life Co 

Now I know this is technically cheating as it's my own store, but I am a small business, so gotta do that self promotion somewhere. 

The Coffee Life Co store has rebranded, we've had a few product changes, and redesigned the merch. 

Throughout the entirety of May you can get 10% discount on your entire order when using the code "BIRTHDAY" 

You can also get yourself free shipping when you spend over £50 with code "FREESHIPPING"

The Coffee Life Co Store
The Coffee Life Co Instagram

Dog and Hat Store

Now not only have Dog and Hat got an AMAZING subscription box, they also have an additional store on their website, which contains some amazing coffee goodies. 

If you're wanting to up your cupping skills, treat yourself to a cupping set or want to treat yourself (or a friend!!) to a one time gift box with some delicious coffee! 

Dog and Hat Website 
Dog and Hat Instagram

Farm Boy Brews

Not only do Farm Boy Brews have some incredible coffee (with an amazing message!) they also have super cool tote bags available

Farm Boy Brews Website
Farm Boy Brews Instagram

Girls Who Grind Coffee

You all know I rave about Girls Who Grind Coffee whenever I can and again, they do some incredible coffees, but they also have some amazing merchandise.

Not only that, they also are selling gift cards for their site. Whether you need a gift for a friend, or simply have too much coffee at home right now and just want to support them.

Girls Who Grind Coffee Website
Girls Who Grind Coffee Instagram 

Moon Roast

If you follow this blog, you know I wouldn't be able to do a gift guide without including the lovely people from Moon Roast.
They ALSO offer amazing coffee as well as some great home brewing equipment. 

They also have their Night Club coffee subscription if you need your coffee fix. 

Moon Roast Website
Moon Roast Instagram

River Coffee 

River Coffee have teamed up with the wonderful Hideout Coffee Company to help support the INCREDIBLE NHS.
They have a fantastic t-shirt and some amazing looking coffee (which I have course, have ordered) 

ALL proceeds from these amazing products will be going to the NHS so go and show your support by buying yourself a new tee, and some coffee.

You can also get 10% off all other coffee (doesn't include hideout x river products) with the code "RIVER10"

River Coffee Website
River Coffee Instagram

Please also check out other INCREDIBLE roasters that are still roasting coffee for you at home - you can read all about them here


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