Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription Box 12 - BEDIM Day 16

We're back with another Dog and Hat box, and one of the last ones I'll be posting about for a while (boooo!!!!) 

This box included a delicious selection of beans from Quarter Horse (who we've talked about quite a bit!) and Missing Bean, who I hadn't tried yet. 

This box also came in time for the Chinese New Year, super exciting. (and it also came with a biscuit which was delicious and was devoured in less than 2.3 seconds.)

Here's me enjoying said biscuit.

Quarter Horse 

Quarter Horse Coffee is an independent coffee roaster and cafe in Birmingham. Located on Bristol Street in the South Side area of Birmingham they opened their roastery and cafe in February of 2015. Roasting their own beans was an exciting venture that allowed them to source high quality green beans from around the world and freshly roast them for their customers. 

The Beans 

Ou Yang 
Region: Yunnan 
Varietal: Catimor P3/P4
Process: Natural
Taste: Strawberry, Pineapple, Jackfruit, Smooth and Creamy Body 

The Brew

17g of Coffee
250g of Water
30 Second Bloom with Agitation
3 Minute 30 Second Total Brew Time 

Cold Brew
50g Coarse Coffee
1 Litre Cold Water
Fridge Time - 12 Hours

Taste - This coffee, was something else. It was so bright, so syrup-y and fruity. It reminded me of the La Ortiga bag I had from Bailies Coffee - It was delicious. 
All the tastes were there, super berry like strawberry, slight tartness from pineapple. It was an incredible cup every time. 
As a cold brew, it was just as delicious, perfect for a hot day, super sweet notes again, with the perfect tang.

Find Quarter Horse 
Website - here
Instagram - here
Twitter - here 

Missing Bean

The Missing Bean was found in 2009 to establish a speciality coffee scene in the heart of Oxford. After discovering the laid back espresso bars and cafes that the founders had grown to love whilst studying in Australia were non-existent in the city, they decided to set up their own. 
Five years later, with a reputation for excellent coffee, sustainable production and friendly, relaxed atmosphere, they set up their own coffee roastery in East Oxford, Where they carefully source the best beans from around the world.

The Beans 
San Jose 
Direct Trade - Mierisch Family
Process - Washed
Varietal - Javanica
Altitude - 1250-1400 MASL
Taste: Cherry Chocolate Mousse

The Brew

17g of Coffee
250g of Water
30 Second Bloom with Agitation
3 Minute 30 Second Total Brew Time 

Taste - when you first sip this coffee, you get an overwhelming dark chocolate taste. With some subtle acidity and I'd say more blackberry than cherry notes.

Find Missing Bean
Website - here
Instagram - here

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