Bucket List For After Lockdown - BEDIM Day 8

Now I don't know about you, I had a lot of plans for this year, lots of coffee festivals, a big holiday to Florida and just general fun - however since were on lockdown and everything has been cancelled and postponed I'd like to have something to look forward to after this lockdown - whenever that may be. 

My After Lock Down Bucket List

1. Sit in a cafe 

2. Have a picnic in the forest

3. Go out-out drinking and get absolutely shit faced

4. Go back to work (I MISS ALL MY REGULARS!!) 

5. Go outside multiple times a day

6. Go OUT for dinner

7. Take a weekend trip to Devon

8. Go for a spa day or get a massage

9. Go to the library

10. Have a BBQ with the fam

11. See all my family 

12. Go to the beach properly 

13. Swim in the sea

14. Go for a massive hike

15. Go out for coffee with friends 


17. Go strawberry picking (or pumpkin picking at this rate)

18. Take a train !!!

19. Get a decent Chinese takeaway + Maccies!!!!

20. See all of my friends 

21. Finally meet people I've been trying to meet for the last year

22. Sell at a craft fair again

23. GET A TATTOO (that I haven't done myself)

24. To be able to park in a forest car park and go for a long forest walk

25. Visit my favourite place in the UK, Clovelly (for the 22nd time) 

What are you looking forward to when Lockdown is over?

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