Great Podcasts For Positivity - BEDIM Day 19

Since it's Mental Health Awareness week, I thought we'd focus in on some more helpful Mental Health themed blog posts. 

I'm also a sucker for a good podcast. So I thought I'd curate a list of podcasts all about mental health, self help and self improvement and general positivity. 

I typically listen to podcasts on Spotify, so I apologise if any of these aren't on any other podcast streaming service. 

Straight and Curly

This podcast is one I have listened to for years. It was one of the first "self improvement" podcasts I happened to find on Spotify. Carly and Kelly really captivate real life issues, around everything. Self improvement is what they focus on during the podcasts, and they have incredible topics that they chat about every week. 
They have nearly 150 episodes for you to binge at your pleasure. 

Everyday Positivity

This one sounds pretty explanatory. With short podcasts that only last up to 5 minutes each, Kate captivates you with some morning positivity (or evening!) every day of the year. 

Self Improvement Daily 

Another short everyday podcast, with episodes no longer than 5 minutes - they focus on more hard hitting self doubt and improvements (even in the little snippet episodes)

The Lavendaire Podcast

Aileen is someone who I've followed on YouTube for a few years now, her visions for life and self help & improvement have been a huge help - she talks about everything from handling overwhelm, to embracing failures and even has special guests from time to time. 
This is one of my favourite podcasts, and her voice is just super calming. 

Give Me Strength 

Alice Liveing is an author and personal trainer by day, but her podcast focuses on building mental and physical resilience, and how this can empower you. She regularly has guest on her podcast such as double olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly.

The Ground Up Show 

Matt D'Avella is another person I've followed on YouTube for a long while. Best known for Netflix documentary Minimalism, he interviews people on their process to becoming the best they can be, reaching into some pretty heavy subjects within Mental Health. 

Parcast - Daily Quote 

I'm a sucker for a good quote, so when Parcast released their new daily podcast with quotes, I was following straight away.
They dissect quotes very cleverly, going into deeper meaning, and learning more to uplift your mood in a quick 5 minute podcast. 

What podcasts bring you positivity?

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