20 things i've learned by 20

holy shit, i am 20 years old.
today the lovely 10th of may, is my birthday (happy birthday to me) 
i am finally two decades old (cue the quarter life existential crisis)
none the less, i've learned some things over the past two decades of being alive, and i always love reading these posts, so here are 20 (a few more than 20, because i couldn't quite condense it down) things i have learned by the age of 20

1 - life is too short for crappy coffee - seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how much i pretended to enjoy crappy chain coffee when i was younger. get yourself some speciality beans roasted to perfection and brew them yourself

2 - don't put things off for 3 years, and then complain to everyone that you "cant do it" and that you "quit" just get your shit together and do it, because you'll regret the last three years that you've been paying for something that you weren't using (oh yeah, car insurance is expensive when you're not actually using the car) 

3 - not everyone thinks the same way you do - everyone has their difference in thinking, and that's ok, not everyone is going to think that this particular thing you like is amazing, likewise the other way round

4 - if an idea doesn't exist, create it 

5 - your sister will forever be your best friend and free therapist, even when you don't see eye to eye (and you're being a bit of a dick), you'll always be there for each other.

6 - pinterest is without a doubt the best social media to exist, feeling shit? scroll through pinterest. feeling great? scroll through pinterest. need motivation? scroll through pinterest - you see where i'm going here

7 - you will never find happiness in other people - you've got to get your shit together and find your own happiness within yourself 

8 - certain things will never be how they used to be, and that's just life 

9 - be your own date - take yourself out for dinner, treat yourself to a spa date, go to the cinema, heck it's great

10 - it's perfectly fine to not know what the hell to do in this world - we were always broken kids with no plans, i saw a tweet a while back (pictured below) and i relate to it a shit ton - but great things will come

11 - drinking alcohol is over-rated - yeah it was amazing when you were 15/16 you'd bounce back like nothing had happened, and although a few drinks here and there are great, hangovers start to affect you more, and it's just really not worth it

12 - to-do lists are your best friends, i end up with about 6 different lists every single day, whether that be on paper, in my head, on my phone LISTS EVERYWHERE

13 - never put a boyfriend/girlfriend above your friends - i've done it in the past, and i've had it done to me. it's shitty and i know you're happy in your relationship 
but. dont. forget. your. friends.

14 - relating to number 13 - people will come and go, you just gotta have a cry and move on

15 - also relating to 14 - it's ok to not have a lot of friends, i think its fab that i only have about 3 people that i'm close too, and a few that i talk to on the regular. 

16 - online courses are your saviour - if like me you skipped college, skipped uni, its perfect, there are so many courses to choose from and normally they have some great deals for them

17 - write handwritten letters - there is nothing more beautiful and heartfelt when you know someone has taken the time out of their day to write you something, even if it's just a small 5 word letter -  something i am planning to do a lot this year (so if you receive a handwritten letter, no we haven't gone back to the 80's it just means i appreciate you) 

18 - it's ok to say no to plans - if you're an ambivert like me, sometimes saying no to plans is essential to get your "recharge" time

19 - speak your mind - in moderation 

20 - your work collegues are the craziest, most loving, and supportive people you will ever meet (and who else can you talk about your sex life with in the middle of the day?) 

21 - act confident and no one will question it 

22 - you do you, this is your story, no one elses

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