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As usual I'm very late to the game with actually getting a post up about this one (as in, it's now sold out on the website) - Williams Coffee Company are bringing new coffee's out left right and centre and I am excited! 

Hope (black cherry cola) is a coffee from Rebuild Woman's Hope, a non profit organisation based in DR Congo 

The beans: Hope Dr Congo / Black Cherry Cola
Variety: Bourbon 
Process: Washed
Region: Idjwi Island, Lake Kivu, Eastern Congo
Taste Notes: Black cherry, orange and cola
Cupping Score: 86

as usual i brewed it through v60 and aeropress, and actually preferred the smoothness and lightness of the v60 - it brought out some amazing flavour notes and damn did it have a good crema (nothing turns me on more) 

every time i've brewed this coffee, even when playing with the recipe, it's freaking delicious, my usual v60 recipe ends up being anywhere between 22-25g of coffee with 250-275ml of water and a varies of timings
i always get fruity and syrup-y notes, soft and delicate mouth feels and just general yumminess, in the times where i have brewed it through the aeropress, i've been impressed that i've had no underlying bitterness to the coffee (always use between 14-17g of coffee)

(this is me trying to be arty in-front of my empty coffee bags, what i thought would look really cool, turns out it's mostly just a shrine to girls who grind coffee and williams coffee company) 

to conclude, if it wasn't sold out, i'd tell you to go and buy it, but i'm sure by now, if you've tried it, you'll agree that it is a scrummy coffee, and i will definitely be sad when the bag runs out (note to self: order yourself more bags in future) 
fortunately, James has just brang out a lovely sounding coffee called blackberry jam from Nyeri Country, Kenya buy it here

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