coffee oil - about and uses

coffee oil is something that has been quite raved about in the recent years, and finally after researching and researching, in January of this year, I decided to make some of my own.

i used the ratio of 4:3 (4 parts oil, to 3 parts coffee) and left to infuse for 6 weeks.
i also made sure i gave it a good stir every 4-5 days

I spent months and months researching all about coffee oil, the benefits of coffee oil, the best way to use, just everything about it.

Coffee Oil is used mainly for skincare, haircare and diy beauty products (according to pinterest)

the way that coffee oil is made, is simply coffee and a carrier oil, you can use whole beans or very course-ly ground, for my carrier oil, i used Vitamin E Oil just because i did want to use it on my face and hair (oh i'm that white girl who makes her own beauty products now) 
other oils you can use are, olive, rapeseed, avocado, almond, coconut 

Coffee obviously has it's own benefits, including quite a few antioxidants
- chlorogenic acid
- condensed proanthocyanidins
- quinic acid
- ferulic acid

caffeine also increases blood flow to the skin and when you have more blood flow, it's "possible" (according to scientists, apparently) that expression lines wont be as visible 
also according to research (lets be honest though) the oleic acid (which is a mono-saturated fatty acid) helps to improve wrinkles and pigmentation

other benefits of coffee oil
- soothes insect bites and stings (hopefully in summer i can test this)
- improves mood (i feel like that's the coffee part)
- alleviates stiff, achy muscles (actually proven, i used it after a pole session, and didn't ache as much as i usually would, but who knows)
- reduces nausea
- soothes allergic reactions / rashes
- helps sooth puffy eyes (also tried and tested, yes, it works!!!)
just like when you drink coffee, the caffeine is a diuretic which means it draws out water. the caffeine stimulates the skin and gets rid of puffiness from the added moisture.

coffee oil for hair growth
 -caffeine has growth-prompting effects on human hair follicles
-along with vitamin e oil, which reduces inflammation and repair damage to hair folicles 

after 6 weeks, it recommends straining it through a cheese-cloth (but the closest i had to that, and a genius moment of mine, surely, was a v60 and filter) 

so far, i have used it under my eyes (i'd like to say it's worked but who knows at this point), used it as a little hair mask (i mean it sort of worked, my hair was soft af, but it took a lot of shampoo to get the oily residue off), used it as sunburn cure (works like a freaking charm), i've used it in my oil diffuser, which had mixed opinions as my room already smells like coffee 100% of the time.

all in all, i am loving experimenting with it, and finding new things to do
i've seen a recipe for a lipbalm which includes coffee oil, so you bet i'll be making that soon.

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