Decadent Decaf

now you gotta hear me out on this post, i am usually 100% "death before decaf" and was typically waiting for the day that a really good decaf appeared before me.
well today is the day (or whenever i tried it, that was the day) 

I actually heard about this brand over twitter, another blogger had reviewed it, and absolutely raved about it, so obviously, i was intrigued and i placed an order.

decadent decaf are a company that solely does swiss water decaf coffee's, i believe they have around 6 to choose from, all different varietals, and different roasts.
It's a family run roastery in Littlehampton (only around an hour from me, so very local!!!) 
and i only had to wait 3 days for the coffee to arrive on my doorstep.

i played around with a few recipes, but the one which came out on top was 27g coffee - 245ml water for 2 minutes 35.

I was in total shock (not even being dramatic) at how good this tasted. 
if someone put a variety of different coffees in front of me along with this one, and asked me to pick out the decaf, i would literally be stumped
even though it's decaf, it still has a really full round bodied flavour to it, essential when you crave a coffee at 9pm.

some other recipes i toyed around with were

24g of coffee - 230ml water to 2 minutes 30

26g of coffee - 255ml water to 2 minutes 45 

as good as they both were, the one that came up on top was definitely my first recipe of 27g 

it had some really gorgeous chocolatey notes with some interesting woody after taste (which surprisingly works SO well) 

as someone who is definitely more death before decaf, but was in desperate pursuit to find a good quality decaf, this definitely ticks all the boxes.
don't knock it till you've tried it.

Find Decadent Decaf 

You can also find decadent decaf on Amazon and Ocado 

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