goals for being 20

since i am now a whole two decades old, it's probably time i started acting -somewhat- responsible, should have some goals and dreams blah blah blah

so here are some mini goals i am setting myself for being the big 20 

- continue blogging what i love, whether that be coffee, lifestyle and all the rest in between 

- road trip to new places, either alone or with friends

- travel to another country, alone, just because

- run a (half) marathon - setting the goal of half because lets be real, i'll probably need a lot more training for a full one, maybe when i'm 21

- speaking of exercise, get fully back into the gym, without excuses

- do and complete another online course

- listen to podcasts instead of music (and keep track of what podcasts i've listened too) 

- write handwritten letters more 

- be present with friends and family - try and rebuild the family connections i've lost through being a bit of a dick

- complete my good-reads book challenge for 2018, i was really good between January and March, but it's taken a back seat 

- say yes to more opportunities 

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