cold brew - my favourite recipe

let's bare in mind the fact that I came up with the idea for this blog post during the 3 day heatwave the UK was having.
none the less cold brew is something you can enjoy all year round, regardless if it's heatwave hot or arctic conditions (maybe, maybe just cold) 

i've toyed around with a lot of recipes, using the typical 1:4 ratio, scrolling endlessly through pinterest looking for different ways and different recipes, and i've come up with a favourite
please bare in mind that i am shocking at trying to figure out ratio's - as in i spent a good hour stressing over trying to work out a ratio, only to say "fuck it" i'm just going to give the g's and ml's.

 for making the cold brew i use my trusty Hario 1000ml Cold Brew Coffee Pot * which i actually purchased from Whittard last summer, and it is by far the easiest thing i've used to make cold brew (i've also tried to be that person who does it in a mason jar, not as efficient, but makes for some instagram-able photos)

and as usual, i have been using (my last bag, i'm actually in tears) DR Congo, from Girls Who Grind Coffee (you know the deal by now, no one is shocked) 

the recipe i have been using 
(this recipe makes around 2 glasses, obviously half, double, quadruple as needed) 

55g of coursely ground coffee
575ml of filtered water

for the smoothest brew, i left it for 16 hours, but anywhere between 12 - 18 seems to make a flawless cold brew each time.

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