why i stopped blogging everyday in may

back track to march when i initially had the idea to blog everyday in may, i was in a "stable" job, had a shit ton of motivation, and a lot of things to write about.

now go back to the beginning of may, when i was really organised, had planned out the first week and a bit of blogging, i was fired from my job (oh lol, totally over it now) 
i lost my motivation, i lost my passion, and everything after the 11th day, took a turn

so whats next? 

i'm gunna still be blogging (obviously) i have some great ideas for some posts, but sometimes life hits you hard and you lose your motivation, it happens, you cant stop it. 

and hey maybe in a few months time, i will try and blog everyday for a month again, but lets be honest probably not, unless i'm really motivated.

so here's to getting my motivation back,

i realise this post doesn't really make a lot of sense, but it was word vomit, how lovely.

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