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something i'd love to (and will be) talking about more on this blog is tea - i love me a good cuppa tea

i discovered this brand Good and Proper at the London Coffee Festival (ironic right) and instantly fell in love with their loose leaf tea's (i think it's one of the only things i actually ended up purchasing at the festival)

first off, i love the simplistic packaging, the block colours work really well with the basic brown bag.

the three i picked up at the festival were, earl grey, jade tips and hibiscus
hibiscus was 100% my favourite, and i actually ran out less than a week after the coffee festival.

unlike a lot of companies Good and Proper source all single origin tea's, much like some coffees in a sense, and unlike a blend from many different regions, they rely on getting the unique flavours from the one region they source it from.
Good and Proper's collection consist of black tea's, oolongs, greens and white tea's, and offer them in loose leaf and tea bag form on their website

as well as selling tea on their website, they also have a tea bar located on Leather Lane in Clerkenwell, and have a pop up tea van which brews up a storm every Saturday at Brockley Market

Photo from Good and Proper's Instagram

hibiscus and jade tips seemed to be the ones i reached for first (probably because i have at least 6 different earl grey teas open) and damn they good

loose leaf hibiscus was a new territory for me, i've always had it in tea bag form, and it's crazy how much better it tastes when its loose (maybe a psychological thing???? because it looks nicer??? who knows??)
it turned out to be quite an instagram-able tea, with it's vibrant pink colour.

Good and Proper also include a note card inside the bag, with information all about the tea, what region it came from for example, and the recommended brewing method which came in handy 

as well as the jade tips, it came with its own information card, brewing method etc
one thing i love about this tea, comparing it to some other jade tip green tea i've had in the past, is that it was a really nice light flavour. a lot of green teas tend to come off quite heavy and go a bit bitter even if you're working with a recipe.

They actually have a sale on their website right now, so if you're fancying some tea after reading this, head on over to their website and pick ya self up a little treat

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