Girls Who Grind Coffee - Rwanda Nyabihu - Coffee Review

Girls Who Grind Coffee are a company that I have followed for a long time, I love what they do, I love their passion, I love everything about their company, when they announced a few months back that they were starting to bring out their own coffee, I was ecstatic. Now I didn't review their first lot of beans, due to this blog still being in the "crap" stages, being a very new, no post blog. But now hurrah(!) The Coffee Foodie blog is up and running, and coffee reviews are here! 

If you want to read a review about their first batch of Guatemalan beans, you can read it over on my pals Clark's Blog - Which also features my face.

Unfortunately I had to wait until payday to purchase the new coffee beans, but that gave me the chance to read all the lovely reviews about the new blend, which have only been positive, and it's not surprising. 

At £9.50 per 250g, I'm sure it's being snapped up at a rapid rate
As well as offering whole beans, they also offer pre-ground coffee for pourovers, french press and aeropress, if you don't have a grinder of your own at home. 

The beans:
Rwanda Nyabihu 
Variety: Red Bourbon 
Process: Washed
Taste Notes: Cinnamon, Lavender, Pomegranate, and of course sass
Producer: Vunga Cooperative 

(it's all getting very festive!!) 

The recipe I used to brew: 

Grind: Medium Fine
Grams: 18G
Water: 250ML
Time: 3 Minutes
Bloom: 75G, 25 Seconds

Tasting Notes (My brew): 
Aroma: Nutty Aromas,  
Acidity: Tangy and crisp, with a clean finish
Body: Very light feeling coffee, which doesn't linger
Flavour: Cinnamon tones, with very subtle fruity notes.

All in all it is a delicious brew, I cant wait to enjoy a cup of this most days, the girls have done a fantastic job of creating yet another amazing batch of beans, and I'm not going to hesitate in sharing this amazing batch around to friends. I definitely cant wait to see what they come out with next.

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