Memorable Events 2017 - Coffee

2017 was an amazing year for me event wise in coffee, I'm not usually the person who would go out of their comfort zone to specifically go to an event or take part in an event but 2017 proved to have people who pushed me to do more things, and it turned out fantastically, so much like my latte art look back post, this will probably end up being a longer blog post, because I'm actually really excited to type away at this one. 

I have a lot of hope for the events that 2018 will bring. 


January held my first latte art competition, and boy was it a scary and exhilarating experience (one thing I particularly remember about this event is that in the venue was a rather large step, which I proceeded not to see, tripped down it, of course, and sliced open my knee) 

This competition was held in Islington, in the Coffee Works Project and happened to be the first Almond Breeze competition, I didn't place in this one, but it was an amazing experience to even get through the first round (of course I went out in the second round) 


March held once again another latte art competition, but this one in the Southampton Mettricks, slightly closer to home.
Again I didn't place in this one, I'm pretty sure I actually knocked my pour over, but you know, that's fine, I'm not bitter about it.


April brought along the London Coffee Festival, originally I wasn't meant to go to this, but out of comfort zones, I went anyway, and despite the masses of anxiety over the amount of people and the fact it was about 10000 degrees in the building, I had an fantastic day, one that I definitely wont be forgetting.

I met the man himself, Dritan, who is so lovely in person.

April also brang one of my most proudest moments this year, the in house Coffee Lab latte art throw down
Which shockingly I ended up winning (who knows!)
And it was the perfect way to hang up my jugs (actual milk pitchers guys) before my operation on the 2nd May

6 months on I'm still not sure how I managed to pull off my free pour pattern


June brought the month that I was still on leave due to my operation, but none the less, nothing can keep a girl from her coffee.
Coffee Lab decided to hold another Latte Art competition, open to all other coffee shops from around the UK, and they so kindly asked me to judge, seeing as I couldn't compete as much as I wanted to.

I enjoyed judging so much, and as someone who is very indecisive it was an interesting challenge to pick out the ones I liked the most (and all of them were pretty incredible)


At the end of July, I decided to give into bored-ness and went back to work, a month early, I had missed it, and the first day I went back, I got a message from the Instagram page "Story Behind The Cup" 
I had followed this page for quite a while, so to be asked to be featured was truly an amazing thought! 

To read my little article on their blog click here


September rolled around yet another latte art competition, this one held by South Coast Roast 
I again didn't place in this one, due to the fact that I was still a bit crap from it being my first competition back from my operation.
But none the less, it was such a fun night surrounded by so many lovely people 

My coffee memories end at September, just as October, November and December have been pretty hectic life wise! 
So instead of just ending the blog post here... Here are some more photos from events throughout the year - 

Photos from a customer who came in and asked me if it was okay for him to take photos for his uni project, and the pictures came out pretty great! 

More photos from the in house latte art competition.

2017, has been a roller coaster for every aspect of my life, but I have loved stepping out of my comfort in regards to the coffee industry, I have met so many amazing people this year, thanks to the lovely coffee industry, and I really cant wait to see what 2018 brings.