Welcome December

Now you may be noticing, that although I set up a new blog to write about my obsessions with food and coffee, there seems to be a lot of lifestyle posts, yes that is correct. 
It seems to be that way.
But throughout December, I have a lot of recipe posts and some coffee post planned for the month, so get excited. 

On that note: 

ITS DECEMBER 1ST, and I for one, am very excited. This month is going to be filled with lots of exciting things, lots of coffee, lots of food, lots of activities and adventures. 

I also have a lot of scheduled posts, so December will be the month that I start blogging "properly" whatever that means. 

The tree is up, and it is now the official countdown until Christmas - and lets ignore how messy my tree looks as I tried to cram every decoration I have onto it.

So lets make December amazing, because lets be honest the rest of 2017, has been a bloody roller coaster.

25 days to go.