December Bucket List - 2017

December is one of those months that you have to strategically plan, everyday, whether it be work, activities, adventures, or just plain lazy days, December is just always one of those months. You have to plan when the best time would be to "nip" and "pop" into town without getting mobbed by a shit ton of people. 

Now I love a good list, especially a bucket list, and I have an entire notebook dedicated to things I want to do generally in life, little goals and what not, but every November 31st, I like to sit down and write everything I want to do and achieve in December, so what better than to share the list, maybe add a few things here and there, and see how many ticks I can give myself by the end of December. 

So here is my list that I want to achieve by the end of December

- Go Ice Skating 

December 1st 2016, I managed to tick this off last year. Although I did go ice skating in November, it's always nice to go during December, even if it makes me want to shoot myself in the foot at how busy it is 

- Make Homemade Gingerbread

Now I love baking, I also love making up my own recipes, but one thing I have never done from scratch is make gingerbread, I don't particularly enjoy eating a lot of gingerbread, but making it, I feel like would make me enjoy it a whole lot more

- Visit Christmas Lights

I have a tradition that every Christmas Eve I go and visit some Christmas lights, it used to be a family tradition but as we've grown up we all get our separate traditions, but this is one that has stuck with me, every year like clock work I will go down to our local road with all the lights (I feel like every town has that one road that always goes a bit OTT on the lights) but every year it gets a whole load more special

- Watch Christmas Films

I'm not talking about Elf, or the Grinch or the classic The Holiday, I'm talking about one that I've never seen before, one that is particularly on my list is "it's a wonderful life" 

- Make Christmas Themed Pancakes 

A classic Pinterest idea, but on Christmas morning, I'm making pancakes in the shape of Santa and Reindeer and no one is ready for that. If there is a blog post on that you know that it's gone well, and if there's not, well....

- Have A Complete Pyjama Day

Christmas pyjamas, Christmas films, hot drinks and junk food? Yes please.

- Visit Winchester Christmas Market

Where I work in Winchester and live elsewhere, one thing I didn't get to do last year was visit the Christmas Market, I'd always walk past it hastily saying there were too many people, but this year, is the year that I conquer it.

- Make Something Festive

Now this is actually in the making, and it's gunna be pretty freaking cool. 

- Do Lots of Christmas Baking

I have tons and tons of recipes I want to bake this December, and I am very excited to bake (and probably put on some holiday weight)

- Get A Family Photo

In my recollection, there has only ever been 1, (yes 1) family photo where were all smiling, where we're not hitting each other, where we actually look like we love each other, so this year, I'm making it my mission to get a nice family photo.

I'm sure there are at least 5 things I have missed off this list that I want to do, but that was just an insight of my little hopes for December.

How are you spending your December?