November Favourites 2018

Another month has passed us by, and we're now well on the way to Christmas (woohooooo!!!) 
If you missed my coffee and a chat post (read that here) I said how I wanted to start doing more lifestyle posts, including monthly favourites.

So without further or do, lets get into my very first favourites blogpost, including everything I have been absolutely loving through November.


- v60's are something I have a love/hate relationship with, and ever since buying my aeropress earlier this year, the v60 took an immediate back seat.
But since working at a place that we do v60's on a daily, I've definitely been loving them again, playing around with recipes, and loving the taste profiles coming from the coffees.

Heist Chocolate Handies

- I discovered these a few months back because of both Fi + Casey over at Girls Who Grind Coffee and James from Untold Coffee and I never originally planned to buy them as I don't tend to reach for hot chocolate at home, but the lovely James sent me a sample with box number 4 of the coffee club, and I was hooked.
You only need about 4-6 little handies to make a hot chocolate, depending on your taste preference, but either way, it comes out so creamy, and so, so yummy, and especially since it's been getting a bit colder I've been loving tucking up in bed with a hot water bottle, hot chocolate and a book


- I have a weird little obsession with candles at the moment, and I'm not really sure where it has come from. I don't know if it's just this time of year or what, I just freaking love candles.
Ones that I am particularly loving at the moment are:
Christmas Eve by Yankee Candle
Christmas Tree by Wickford & Co
I've also been loving all the mini Wickford & Co candles, and I think I have them in every scent they could ever come in

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

- I actually picked up this book in a charity shop for £1.25, I didn't originally plan on reading it so soon, because I'm in the middle of another book still, but I took it with me to a hospital appointment that ended up being around 6 hours, and I'm glad I took it. Anyone who is struggling with "being you" I highly, highly recommend this book. It's informative, funny, witty and such an amazing read, and I'm actually going to read it again, just so I can highlight some of the quotes and quotations she uses in the book.

Polariod Wall

- I recently redecorated my room, it used to be pastel pink, and it was just very dated and I found it to not really feel like my room, so I gave it a bit of a make-over, painted the walls white, and became absolute white trash with a polariod wall. I am in LOVE with this wall, and I do plan on expanding it quite a bit (maybe when I make more friends lol) 
It's so nice just to wake up and look over at all the photos and memories that are now up on my wall (probably forever, they stick like crazy)

Girls Who Grind Coffee - El Salvador Honey Processed

- Although I loved all 3 of the El Salvador coffees in the Girls Who Grind Triptych, the honey processed one really stood out for me flavour wise, before this year I don't think I'd properly tried a honey processed coffee, and it quickly has become my favourite coffee to try and source to try out. 
I did an entire blog post on this coffee if you want a more in depth description including the taste profiles, read here

Untold Coffee - Jeremy Abadi, Colombia 

- Again this is a coffee that has truly blown me away with the taste profile and the amount of recipes it works with, I'm also in belief that there are only a few bags left for sale on Untold right now - there will be a link below to that
If you wanted to read another in depth review on this coffee, read here

All the things I mentioned in this blog post

Hario V60 - Buy Here

Heist Hot Chocolate Handies - Buy Here or Here

Yankee Candles, Christmas Eve - Buy Here

You Are A Badass book - Buy Here

Girls Who Grind Coffee - Website
Honey Processed El Salvador - Buy Here
Buy The Whole Triptych - Buy Here

Untold Coffee - Website
Jeremy Abadi - Buy Here

If you enjoyed this kind of post, please let me know so I can do more in the future because these are actually really fun !! 

***please be aware this blog post contained affiliate links***

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