Self Care During December

Self care, isn't selfish

Something a lot of people (me included) struggle with during the festive season is self care. 
The thought of even putting yourself first during the festive season just doesn't happen, and it should.

All December we're rushed around, thinking about what to buy for other people, working our hardest so we can put food on the table and give gifts to family and friends. But why can we not find the time to take care of ourselves?

It's no lie that mental health issues spike around Christmas time, with rising figures every year, so why don't we ever learn to take a step back from the stress, from trying to find the perfect gift, just to take some time for ourselves.

Give yourself a day, a specifically taken self care day. 
If you cant take a day, an evening, even an hour.

Spend that time on YOU, do what YOU love.

Read a book, take a bubble bath, clean, go for a walk do whatever, don't do it for anyone else but yourself.

This isn't a typical "you need to do this in order to take care of your mental health this Christmas" because every individual person is different, everybody has something different that sparks joy. 
So take this post as a reminder: breathe, step away from the stress, and do something YOU love.

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