December Bucket List

I have quite a few blog posts planned for December, that I don't really think you readers are ready for, so get excited! 

I did one of these last year, you can read that here if you want, although I was definitely not at my blogging peak back then (am I now? still no) 
But it's nice to have to look back on and see where my writing has (hopefully) improved, and I always love reading these types of blog posts myself.


First up on the list, you might recognise it from last year, is get a family photo

Apparently we just don't ever take really nice family photos, it's not a thing in our house. So maybe 2018 is the year?


Go to Byron Road lights, twice
Once for the switch on and once for the traditional Christmas eve viewing 

If you're not local to Dorset, Byron Road is basically a whole road which puts on AMAZING Christmas lights every year, and every year raising more and more money for certain charities.


Visit Winchester market, with my sister
Shockingly my sister has never been to Winchester, even after me working there for nearly 2 years, she has never been, so this year she IS going to Winchester


We've been making it a tradition that we take my niece ice-skating every year,  and we use a family day out as an excuse for this one. 
Will this finally be the year me and Kat really hurt ourselves trying to do moves from Dancing On Ice, stay tuned to find out.


Now you're going to have to bear with me on this one, because it might sound a little sad.
I don't have that many friends, so with that in mind, I dont have many people to give Christmas cards too. So I thought it'd be a really cute idea for the few that I do give out, I make them myself.

I'm a bit of a Pinterest bitch at the moment and seeing everyone make their own little cute designs makes me want to do my own, and it'll be super cute and personalised for the people it's for. 


Make coffee hampers with DIY's 

something I love to do is taking old coffee grounds, typically from my shop, and using them in some coffee DIY's, coffee scrubs, coffee oil etc
So as some gifts this year I think a coffee hamper would be super cute, and it'll make a really cool (hopefully) blogmas post. 

Whats on your December Bucketlist this year?

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